Nautical Garden Makeover : The Final Reveal

The Design Sheppard Nautical Garden makeover

Here it is guys, the final reveal of our nautical garden makeover and I cannot describe to you how proud I am of what we have created. This post will be quite heavy on images I’m afraid because I wanted you to see the space we now have from every possible angle lol! As you know, I wanted to design a space with a coastal vibe. As we live beside the sea and blue and white is my favourite colour combo, this seemed like a sensible choice. Also, the whole nautical theme is timeless and never dates or goes out of fashion. Although I had made a moodboard of all the products I planned to use in the space, I wasn’t really that sure how it would all come together. You see, I’m not very good at visualising so I really struggle when it comes to pulling a scheme together. But luckily this nautical garden makeover turned out way better than I imagined.

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Devon Home Magazine

Devon Home Magazine July/August 2013

Some of you may be aware of this as I have been tweeting about it on Twitter, but I really wanted to share it here on my blog too as I am so proud of it! At the end of last year, I was approached by a good friend of mine who owns a local publishing company here in Devon with a very exciting prospect he wanted to discuss with me. Jeff owns We Make Magazines and I’ve known him for many years now. I used to work with him when he was the Art Director at Designer Kitchen & Bathroom magazine where I was Staff Writer. I was delighted when he set up his own publishing company here in Devon and I am so happy to be part of it. Read More…

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