Design Hostel : Long Story Short

Design Hostel Long Story Short in the Czech Republic -Dormitory room - Photo by Josef Kubicek

Sometimes, just sometimes, I really wish I was a travel blogger. I would go off to explore the world one design hotel at a time. If I was footloose and fancy free and didn’t have responsibilities like a family, children, a job and a mortgage, I would seriously consider packing up my laptop and heading off around the world to sample some of the amazing design-led hotels out there. But this is an impossible dream right now so I have resigned myself to simply documenting all the places I hope to one day stay here on the blog. So far we have the Nhow Hotel in Berlin, (I can tick that one off my list already as I did actually stay there), the Hôtel du Ministère Apartment in Paris and KIP, the affordable design hotel in London.  Today, there is a new addition to my hotel bucketlist and it is actually a super stylish design hostel in the Czech Republic. Read More…

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