Gift Guide : Interior Design Books

Interior Design Books Gift Guide

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If you’re anything like me, books are one of the best presents you can receive at Christmas. I love having a selection of interior design books at my disposal and I’m starting to build up quite a collection. I’m looking forward to creating a lovely way to display them once my youngest daughter manages to stop ripping and eating book pages. So if you know a book lover who is also interested in interior design you might want to consider gifting them one of these great interior design books this Christmas.  Read More…

AW16 Industrial Chic from Harley & Lola

Industrial Chic Urban Chic Large Dining Table from Harley & Lola

If I had to choose my favourite interior design style I would have to say it is Industrial Chic. This particular design style is one that I never tire of and that I have tried to bring into my own livingroom. What I really love about this style is the fact that it takes inspiration from industrial spaces such as old factories and warehouses and it therefore features materials and finishes that are normally found in commercial spaces and are therefore somewhat unexpected for residential interiors. Materials such as forged or welded metal, concrete, exposed plaster or brick, and weathered or reclaimed wood are often used alongside industrial lighting fixtures to create interior spaces that exude character and have numerous untold stories within their fabric. The Industrial Chic style has a utilitarian appeal and therefore it is designed to be functional, useful and durable as opposed to attractive. I suppose some people may find the style quite cold, hard and masculine for that reason and I guess in a way it probably is, but that is not to say that it can’t be made to feel homely, welcoming and even beautiful. By simply adding some soft colour pallettes and textured fabrics and textiles you can give the Industrial Chic style a more feminine appeal.  Read More…

Lovely Living with Loaf

Ceramics by Loaf

I was recently sent the new Loaf catalogue and I must say I was bowled over by the beauty that lay inside it. Loaf wasn’t really a company that had been on my radar until now and I think that’s because it was originally launched back in 2008 as The Sleep Room and focused solely on beds. But due to the huge success and rapid growth that the company experienced, it decided to branch out into other rooms in the house. Obviously the name The Sleep Room was no longer appropriate when they would also be selling kitchen tables and sofas, so a new name was needed and in 2012 The Sleep Room became Loaf. For whatever reason, I hadn’t really taken notice of the developments that were occurring and it wasn’t until the catalogue arrived in the post that I sat up and realised exactly how much had changed. Loaf now stocks an array of beautiful products that I couldn’t wait to share with you. Read More…

Concrete Wallpaper by Piet Boon for NLXL

Concrete wallpaper 01 by Piet boon for NLXL

Another Wednesday, another beautiful collection of wallpapers on the blog. This week I am featuring the seven delectable designs that make up the Concrete Wallpaper Collection by Dutch designer Piet Boon for NLXL. The award-winning Piet Boon design practice creates bespoke contemporary architecture, interiors and products for the global luxury market and is famous for it’s design philosophy of refined sophistication. In this collaboration with NLXL, Piet Boon used concrete as inspiration to create a unique and very striking wallpaper collection that allows you to give an industrial and urban feel to any interior space. I am so impressed with the way that these authentic papers are almost indistinguishable from real concrete and I would love the opportunity to see them up close and touch them. I often dream of living in a converted industrial building such as a warehouse but I know that this is just a pipe dream. However, products such as this concrete wallpaper allow people to bring elements of an authentic industrial interior into any space. Take a look and see what you think!

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Interview: Laura Lane of Uniche Interior Furnishings

Vintage Industrial Table By Uniche Interior Furnishings

At the moment I am absolutely, completely and utterly smitten with the vintage, industrial trend that we are seeing in interiors right now. There is something very reassuring and timeless about this aesthetic, perhaps it’s because many of the products look and feel like they have already been around for a long time, even if they are brand new. Worn wood and raw metal are a beautiful material combination and you can almost feel the history etched into every surface telling the story of what each object was previously used for. I seem to spend a great deal of my time at the moment gazing longingly at the beautiful pieces that are around at the moment begging to come and join me in my home and for me to love them and give them a new sense of purpose.

A few weeks ago I discovered Uniche Interior Furnishing which was launched this spring by partners Laura Lane and Mark Bentham.  Much of the carefully chosen furniture is handmade using reclaimed and recycled materials and it has a very vintage industrial feel to it. It would also look amazing in a Nordic or Scandinavian-inspired home, which is also a look I love. I wanted to find out more about Uniche so I caught up with Laura to quiz her about her new venture.

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