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Review : Titan Compactor Bin from Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph Titan Compactor Bin

It’s been a while since I did my last review so today I’m sharing my experiences of the Titan Compactor Bin from Joseph Joseph. As you may know, I already own the Stack Recycling Bins from Joseph Joseph (you can read my review of those here). So for me pairing my stack bins with the new Titan Compactor bin made total sense. Thanks to the recycling bins, I am now able to take my recyling rubbish out a lot less frequently which is a real bonus and I was hoping that the Titan would provide the same benefit. I mean, it’s not the end of the world having to take the rubbish out, but living in a first floor flat, it means that I have to leave the girls in the flat alone while I run the rubbish down the stairs. As we all know, it takes no time at all for kids to get up to mischief and potentially hurt themselves. So the less frequently I have to do this the better. So I had high hopes for the Titan. Read More…

Review : Recycling Bins from Joseph Joseph

joseph joseph stack recycling binsI have a confession to make, I really quite like recycling! How sad is that? Ever since the local council introduced a recycling scheme in our area I have become really quite committed to the cause. Occasionally, I attempt to ignore the rules, like putting an empty toilet roll into the bathroom bin, which is full of non-recyclable waste. It works for about three minutes before I’m consumed with guilt and have to fish it out and relocate it to the cardboard and paper bin. And I’m forever finding recyclable stuff in our kitchen bin that my husband couldn’t be bothered to put in the right bin. So totally and utterly annoying because I can’t just leave it there, I have to put it into the correct bin because I’m anal like that. The only problem with the recycling system is that it takes up quite a fair bit of space for all the separate recycling bins required to follow the rules. Here in the South Hams, we have a large grey bin for non-recyclable waste, a large brown bin for food and garden waste, a blue plastic sack for card and paper and a clear plastic sack for plastic and tin cans. And we have to take glass to a local bottle bank. We keep our two bins in the garden and the two sacks in our porch area outside the front door until they are full and then we take them to the garden too. So every time we have a bit of paper or cardboard to dispose of we have to take it outside to throw it away. So I can kind of understand why my husband doesn’t stick rigidly to the rules all of the time as it’s a bit of a pain to take rubbish outside each time even if it is only a few metres away. We often end up with a little pile by the front door waiting to be sorted into the correct bags outside. Not really ideal. In fact, quite infuriating. But there is no way we could fit three separate recycling bins in our already overcrowded little kitchen…or is there?

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Review : Washing Up with Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph WASH&DRAIN washing up bowl - In use

I’ve spoken in a previous post about how much I hate ironing, but how, with the right equipment, the task can be made a lot more bearable. Generally, if I’m going to spend a lot of money on something for my home I have always chosen to spend it on pretty, decorative items that will look nice and I’ve never really been one to spend a lot on the more functional household items. I suppose because I don’t get much enjoyment from these items, it seemed a bit of a waste of money. But I have recently come to the conclusion that it is well worth spending a decent amount on these ‘boring’ but essential items, after all we normally tend to use them pretty much daily and having quality items without doubt enhances the experience. Read More…

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