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My Kitchen Makeover : Final Reveal

The Design Sheppard Kitchen Makeover featuring a monochrome and geometric design theme

Welcome to my kitchen makeover final reveal. I cannot tell you how happy I am to publish this post today. It’s been such a long time coming. We started this kitchen makeover a year ago and it is finally finished. I honestly couldn’t be happier. It’s such a relief to have a kitchen that I am proud of, and I no longer need to be embarrassed when guests come round. You can read about our kitchen makeover plans here and you can see the project in progress here. I’d love to show you around so you can see just how far we’ve come. When we moved in, in 2013, the kitchen was dark and drab and really lacked storage space. I won’t go into too much detail about why I hated the kitchen as I’ve covered that in past posts. I’d rather focus on the positive change we have managed to create here. We got rid of the black laminate worktop and replaced it with white laminate from IKEA. This has really helped to brighten the space and bounce light around the room. I chose this worktop as I really liked the wood effect trim. I realised, when looking at my kitchen inspiration board on Pinterest, that I really like kitchens that mix white and wood. The trim on this worktop actually matches the units that we already had. I was considering painting the cabinets but once the worktop was in situ I really liked how it worked with the cabinets so we’ve decided against painting them.   Read More…

Interior Trends 2016 : Mixed Metals

Copper Interior Accessories from Mia Fleur

The trend for metallics in interiors was pretty hard to miss in 2015, but it was undeniable that copper stole the show. It took a while for it to filter down to the highstreet but once it had there was no stopping it. Towards the end of the year brass started to make a bid for the crown and it shows no signs of waning in popularity in 2016. Gold has slowly started to make noise once again and this timeless classic will be making its way into our homes this year. Whilst we have previously seen trends for individual metals, 2016 heralds the age of mixed metals in our interiors. Warm metals such as copper, brass and gold can all be used together in the same interiors scheme and may even be seen alongside cooler metals such as silver or platinum, adding another layer of interest and dimension to a room. When these trends first started to appear in interiors it wasn’t easy to find affordable pieces to incorporate into our own homes, after all not everybody has the budget for Tom Dixon. However, there are now plenty of great places to source your metallic accessories and one of my current favourites is online interiors boutique Mia Fleur. Stocking a fantastic range of eclectic furniture & quirky accessories for the home & garden, Mia Fleur is definitely one to watch. Here are a few of my favourite metallic products from Mia Fleur. Enjoy! Read More…

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