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Stylish Cat Beds for Design Conscious Pet Owners

Covo cat bed from Tuft + Paw - stylish cat beds for design conscious cat owners

I’m not a big animal person as I’m actually allergic to animal fur so when it comes to pets I have to keep it simple. We have a Syrian hamster named Fritz and that is it. Until recently, I’ve been quite pleased that we don’t have cats or dogs as I’ve never really come across pet beds that I would be proud to have on display in my own home. They tend to be quite ugly and that is a real challenge for design conscious pet owners. But I started looking into it and I found that there are actually some great options out there now. (Remember this post and this one?) It seems that the market for designer pet accessories has finally matured. I even heard that IKEA is bringing out a range of pet beds soon so that means that design loving pet people will no longer have to take out a small mortgage to accommodate their furry friends stylishly.  Read More…

Lust List : Designer Pet Accessories

Designer Pet Accessories for the design conscious home owner

The idea for this post on designer pet accessories came about when my friend Ruth and I were discussing how difficult it is to find pet equipment that is aimed at design conscious home owners who want their pet’s paraphernalia to blend seamlessly into their interiors. Most of the pet accessories on the market just don’t look good and would stick out like a sore thumb in a well designed home. So when Ruth became a dog mama to Darwin the Frenchie, the hunt was on to find the most stylish pet accessories that wouldn’t look out of place in her carefully curated home. These are the designer pet accessories on Ruth’s Lust List. Read More…

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