Lust List : Stylish Planters

Hammered Copper Plant Pots from Audenza

Copper Planters from Audenza

Around about this time last year, I wrote a post about how I deal with the winter blues and one of the main ways I like to tackle the dark and dreary winter days is to bring more greenery into my home. I’ve already managed to smuggle 5 new plants into our living room since Christmas without Mr Design Sheppard noticing. I like to choose small plants that he won’t necessarily pick up on.

Plus I don’t feel quite as guilty if they perish from lack of light before spring arrives. I think I may have a few casualties that won’t see the summer. My little plant shelf doesn’t really get a great deal of light in the winter months so I may have to look at getting some more faux plants for that particular part of the living room. This winter though I have found my self obsessing over all the beautiful planters out there. It’s just so annoying that I have already run out of room at home. Our flat is quite small so I don’t have any spare floor space unfortunately, otherwise I’d be investing in all of these stylish planters.  Read More…

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