Review : Wooden Venetian Blinds from Make My Blinds

Make My Blinds Wooden Venetian Blinds review

You guys have no idea how happy I am to be able to tell you about the new blinds we’ve recently installed in our bedroom. (Yes that is a cot you can see there, but with any luck we’ll be getting rid of it in the next few weeks as we attempt to transition our youngest out of our room and in with her big sister. Wish me luck with that! It’s going to be a huge challenge, and one I’m not quite sure I have the energy for.) We’ve had the same crappy curtains up since we moved in almost four years ago. They came with the flat and we just never got round to changing them. When it comes to window dressings I am instantly thrown into a spiral of total confusion.

I knew I wanted to get rid of the curtains but I wasn’t sure what to replace them with. Every time I looked into a different type of window dressing, I lost the confidence to actually make a decision and purchase something. The reason I didn’t like curtains was because when we drew them, they covered the radiator below the window and all the heat got trapped inside the window cavity. Certainly not ideal. I ruled out a roller blind as I’m not a fan of how they look because I associate them with kitchens and bathrooms. I considered a roman blind as I see them as quite sophisticated, but I couldn’t decide on a colour or a fabric (I am the worst for making decisions about my own home, it’s really infuriating). I thought about shutters, but worried that they would be too difficult to open given the lack of space on either side of the window and I didn’t fancy having them shut all the time. So that left me with wooden Venetian blinds, which was a decision I was happy with. All I had to do was measure up and order some. Easy right? Read More…

Review : Titan Compactor Bin from Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph Titan Compactor Bin

It’s been a while since I did my last review so today I’m sharing my experiences of the Titan Compactor Bin from Joseph Joseph. As you may know, I already own the Stack Recycling Bins from Joseph Joseph (you can read my review of those here). So for me pairing my stack bins with the new Titan Compactor bin made total sense. Thanks to the recycling bins, I am now able to take my recyling rubbish out a lot less frequently which is a real bonus and I was hoping that the Titan would provide the same benefit. I mean, it’s not the end of the world having to take the rubbish out, but living in a first floor flat, it means that I have to leave the girls in the flat alone while I run the rubbish down the stairs. As we all know, it takes no time at all for kids to get up to mischief and potentially hurt themselves. So the less frequently I have to do this the better. So I had high hopes for the Titan. Read More…

Review : Recycling Bins from Joseph Joseph

joseph joseph stack recycling binsI have a confession to make, I really quite like recycling! How sad is that? Ever since the local council introduced a recycling scheme in our area I have become really quite committed to the cause. Occasionally, I attempt to ignore the rules, like putting an empty toilet roll into the bathroom bin, which is full of non-recyclable waste. It works for about three minutes before I’m consumed with guilt and have to fish it out and relocate it to the cardboard and paper bin. And I’m forever finding recyclable stuff in our kitchen bin that my husband couldn’t be bothered to put in the right bin. So totally and utterly annoying because I can’t just leave it there, I have to put it into the correct bin because I’m anal like that. The only problem with the recycling system is that it takes up quite a fair bit of space for all the separate recycling bins required to follow the rules. Here in the South Hams, we have a large grey bin for non-recyclable waste, a large brown bin for food and garden waste, a blue plastic sack for card and paper and a clear plastic sack for plastic and tin cans. And we have to take glass to a local bottle bank. We keep our two bins in the garden and the two sacks in our porch area outside the front door until they are full and then we take them to the garden too. So every time we have a bit of paper or cardboard to dispose of we have to take it outside to throw it away. So I can kind of understand why my husband doesn’t stick rigidly to the rules all of the time as it’s a bit of a pain to take rubbish outside each time even if it is only a few metres away. We often end up with a little pile by the front door waiting to be sorted into the correct bags outside. Not really ideal. In fact, quite infuriating. But there is no way we could fit three separate recycling bins in our already overcrowded little kitchen…or is there?

Read More…

Stylish Toy Storage from Also Home

Stylish Toy Storage in Vintage Style crate from Also Home

One of the most surprising things about having kids is just how much stuff they accumulate in such a short period of time. Quite frankly, I find all this stuff really overwhelming. Granted there is a great deal of things that kids need, such as nappies, clothes, and safety equipment etc. But then there are all the things that they don’t really need but you have anyway, like 172 cuddly toys, 15 different puzzles, 24 different colours of Play-doh, a rocking cow, three dolls houses…you get the idea. Before I had kids I was determined not to buy into the consumerist culture where kids are concerned. I’d seen parents carting so much stuff around with them and I didn’t want that for my children. But you know what, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is unavoidable. Even if you try not to buy too many toys for them, other people will. Matylda comes home from her grandparents’ house with a new gift almost every time she visits (which is at least 3 times a week if not more). Friends you haven’t seen for a while also tend to bring small gifts when you do meet up. And before you know it you’re drowning in a sea of superfluous items that children may or may not be interested in playing with. This causes somewhat of a dilemma…where on earth do you store all this stuff? And how do you prevent your home looking like an exploded toy shop? Read More…

Review : The Samsung SE790C Curved Monitor

Samsung Curved Monitor SE790C

A few weeks ago we partnered with Samsung to test drive their SE790C Curved Monitor. Now as I’ve said many times before I’m not very tech savvy and I prefer any technology that I use to fit seamlessly into my life without requiring me to go on a short training course to get to grips with it. I really don’t have the time in my life to study manuals and learn too many functions so unless the technology is super user-friendly and intuitive it’s unlikely I’ll enjoy using it or benefiting from it. So I was a bit apprehensive when I received the monitor but I tried to approach it with an open mind. I also asked Ruth to give it a test drive as she obviously uses her computer for very different tasks than I do. She does a lot of creative design work and picture editing so I thought it only fair that we check out how the monitor fairs on these sort of tasks. I mainly use my computer for more administrative tasks such as emailing, social media updates, research and writing so between us we gave it a pretty good test drive. Read More…

Polefit Bedding : A New Way to Dress Your Bed

Polefit Bed Sheets

Do you absolutely hate changing the sheets on the bed? Do you despise the battle with the mattress as you try to get the fitted sheet, or worse the flat sheet, snugly fitted whilst trying to ensure the sheet remains as taut as possible? I do, and I inevitably fail at doing all of those things. After tucking the first two corners of the fitted sheet onto the bottom of the bed I usually end up crawling to the head of the bed where I attempt to lift the mattress, which is now supporting my body weight. As I sit here and type this I realise what a stupid tactic that is and I feel rather foolish. But that’s neither here nor there. All we need to know at this point is that when I make the bed, the sheet is not fitted snugly and after a few hours in a fresh bed it goes all baggy and loose and if I’m really unlucky one corner might dislodge itself altogether. And I can’t stand that! If only there was a stylish, well-designed solution that could be fitted easily and could help the sheet retain its super smooth quality from night to night. Well guess what guys! Ruth and I have found one! Read More…

Eve Mattress : A Revolution in Mattress Design

Eve Mattress Special Edition typographic design

Today we have a very special post for you guys as we would like to introduce you to a new brand that sells really cool mattresses. I know, I know, that sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? How on earth can mattresses be cool? Typically they are one of the most boring home interior items that exist and they don’t look interesting at all do they? And what does it matter because we just cover them in up with bedding anyway and we don’t tend to think about them again. At least not until they become uncomfortable and we decide to buy a new one. And then we are faced with the arduous task of trying to decide which mattress from the many, many on offer will be most suited to our needs. A memory foam mattress or a latex mattress? Do we need one that offers sanitized protection against dust-mites, funghi and bacteria or perhaps one that contains real, cleansing silver fibres? Or just maybe we need one that contains real Aloe Vera extract. No wait, what about a double-sided mattress with firm and soft sides just in case you and your partner like different degrees of softness. Oh crikey it really is a minefield with so many options. And at the end of the day all we want is a decent mattress that offers us the best night’s sleep at a price that won’t break the bank. Enter Eve Mattress.   Read More…

Review : View Quest Bardot DAB+ Radio

Bardot DAB+ radio by View Quest

The older I have gotten the less well I have been able to cope with technological innovation. I used to watch my parents struggle with new technology and wonder why they found it so hard, but age definitely seems to affect our ability to adapt to new technologies. Apart from smart phones, I seem to have given up on mastering new devices around the time that ipods became popular.  I’ve never been able to use my ipod and so it sits gathering dust in a drawer at home. I do love listening to music though and since my trusty old CD player died and my husband refused to let me buy a new one saying that it’s all about digital now, I’ve been in a bit of a musical no mans land, stuck between analogue and digital and not being able to use either. I’ve pondered getting a digital radio for a long while but not knowing how they work or if I could master them put me off. So being offered the opportunity to review the View Quest Bardot DAB+ Radio seemed like the perfect time for me to step out of my comfort zone and test drive this mystical device.

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