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So guys, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I spent lots of time with family and friends, ate far too much and even had a little drink! Christmas has changed so much for us over the past few years since having kids. It’s not as relaxing as it used to be and there is far less sleeping and napping which I miss, but the joy of seeing the kids putting out the mince pie, milk and carrot and opening up their presents more than makes up for that. I also used to use the Christmas break to engage in a bit of binge blogging as I had so much free time, but that doesn’t happen anymore. We also have to decorate differently for Christmas. I used to put out lots of ornaments on low level surfaces and we used to burn a lot of candles to create a cosy atmosphere. But with small children we can’t do those things. We had an incident this year where our two year old pulled the Christmas tree down on herself and the Christmas garland was pulled down off the mantle many times, so I now have to place all our decorations out of reach. In fact, I can’t wait to get all the decorations packed away and get the flat back to normal. One of the things I really look forward to at New Year is giving my home a bit of a refresh and it’s about this time, when the Christmas festivities are all over, that I start to look for inspiration. Obviously I follow interior trends all year round and try to keep up to date with what we can expect to see filtering through into our homes. But as the New Year starts I like to take stock of everything I have learnt last year and I think about what trends I have liked the most and if I want to bring elements of them into my own home and how I will do this. I get my inspiration from all over the place, mainly from blogs but also from Pinterest, social media, magazines, books, look books and trend guides.  Read More…

Christmas Dining in Style


Can you believe that it’s just over a week until Christmas? Where on earth has December gone already? I’m not really ready for Christmas and still have a few last minute presents to buy and cards to hand out. But when it comes to the big day at least I don’t really have to worry about hosting the Christmas meal as we’ll be staying with my parents over the festive period. I see myself as quite lucky in the fact that I have managed to avoid ever playing host over Christmas and I’m hoping that I can avoid it for many years to come. All that pre-celebration preparation and cooking must be so stressful, even if it is just for the family.On the other hand, there is something so lovely about getting the table ready for that special meal. It’s the one time of year where you make that special effort to ensure that everything looks ready for a celebration. The best china comes out and the rarely used table linen is freshly ironed ready to bedeck the table. Candles and a bit of festive foliage decorate the centre of the table and the posh glasses are ready to be filled with bubbly so that the family can toast to happiness and good health. But as neither Ruth nor myself will be responsible for decorating the Christmas table this year, we thought it would be fun to do a little pre-Christmas dining styling project of our own. We’d both previously fallen for the indigo dining range by Sainsbury’s when I wrote about it back in August and we thought it would be so much fun if we were able to do our own Christmas preparations without all the stress and hassle of actually having to feed our families. So we contacted Sainsbury’s to ask if they would be interested in helping us with our project and thankfully they agreed to send us the indigo dining range so we could style up our own Christmas tablescape. Read More…

Trend : Moody Hues and Inky Blues

Stiffkey Blue by Farrow & Ball

Room painted in Stiffkey Blue by Farrow & Ball

One of my favourite interior trends at the moment has got to be the trend for moody hues and inky blues. I never thought this kind of colour scheme would appeal to me as I’ve always found such dark colours to be a little bit oppressive and, dare I say it, depressing. However, seeing how successfully they are being used in homes at the moment, I have definitely changed my mind and I’ve grown to love these deep, dark tones. Seeing images such as these really enhances my excitement for the coming winter season. It really makes me want to hunker down indoors in front of the fire with a good book and a nice glass of red listening to the rain beating down outside while our little family is all nice and cosy inside. I’ve already decorated our livingroom in a really deep shade of green which I love and next on the list is our master bedroom, which I’ll be doing in a really deep shade of navy blue. I wrote about it here. So now I’ll leave you with some really gorgeous images for inspiration. Let me know what you think about the trend for moody hues and inky blues in interiors. I’d love to know your thoughts. Read More…

My Bedroom Inspiration Moodboard

Bedroom Inspiration Moodboard Black White & Yellow

As you all know, we moved into our flat last October and we have been a bit too busy getting to grips with being new parents to really get stuck into the decorating. Every room in the flat needs a total overhaul to take it from being a bland, characterless magnolia box to being something that we feel reflects our style and our personality as a little family. We decorated the nursery and the livingroom before Matylda arrived and until recently that is all we had got round to. But a couple of weekends ago we tackled the hallway (I’ll do a separate post about that in the coming weeks) and now I have a massive smile on my face every time I walk through the front door. This is such a refreshing change as I previously wanted to sob when I saw the magnolia walls and the red carpet. Next on our list of rooms to tackle is our bedroom and I can’t wait to get stuck in. I’ve known how I was going to decorate for months already and I had great fun making my bedroom inspiration moodboard. Read More…

Sainsbury’s AW14 Home & Lifestyle Collection

Sainsburys AW14 Indigo Bedroom

Happy Wednesday everyone! Sorry for my radio silence the past few weeks but it’s not always easy to blog when you have a tiny baby with sleep issues. But don’t worry I have plenty of great posts lined up that I can’t wait to share with you. But today I wanted to present another great AW14 home collection and this time it’s from Sainsbury’s. You may remember that I featured the SS14 home collection from Sainsbury’s back in January and I was impressed with the trends that the supermarket launched back then. But I must say I’m even more impressed with the Sainsbury’s AW14 collection. I’m only going to feature my favourite trend today but there are in fact three trends for the coming colder months: Indigo Blue, Folk Tales and Dreamscape. No guesses for which one is my favourite. I think I’ve probably told you all before how indigo is my all-time favourite colour. It’s just so classy and sophisticated and I find it so calming. So when I spotted the Indigo Blue range I was instantly taken with it and I think you’ll see why.
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Marks & Spencer SS14 Home Collection

Marks & Spencer SS14 Bright Wooden Spoons, Spatulas and Pasta Servers

I can’t believe how fast the new year is whizzing past. January is nearly over already! There is just so much to blog about but I have so little time these days as looking after Matylda is more than a full time job, not that I’m complaining and she is an absolute joy. But there are so many new collections that are being launched and deserve coverage here on The Design Sheppard. Last week I took a look at the Sainsbury’s SS14 Home & Lifestyle Collection and this week it’s the turn of Marks and Spencer as we take a peek at the SS14 Home Collection. There are some really gorgeous products that caught my eye instantly and while browsing the collection three trends jumped out at me and I wanted to share them with you here.

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