TYLKO : Custom Built Storage To Fit Your Space

TYLKO Custom Built Storage to fit your space

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but my husband is actually Polish and since we met I have taken a really keen interest in Poland and all things Polish. I’ve been trying to learn the language for 10 years now and I’ve still not nailed it despite having a natural talent for languages (I have a first class degree in French, German and European Studies). My interest in Poland also extends to the Polish design scene which has been steadily making waves here in the UK. Read More…

Noook : Furniture for the Corners of your Home

StEck cube shelving for small spaces designed by Noook

As you probably know, my little family lives in a small two bedroom flat. It’s adequate for our needs at the moment but I often wish we had more storage space in the flat, especially for all the kids’ toys. Ideally I’d like an extra room we could use as a playroom so that we could revert our lounge back to a cosy, tidy, adult space. That’s impossible though as we can’t just magic up another room out of thin air. So I’ve realised that the next best thing is to try to use the space that we do have more sensibly. Things like incorporating more multipurpose furniture and using every inch of available space. So I was very impressed when I came across German company Noook one day on Twitter. Noook has developed a unique range of functional and space-saving furniture for small apartments and unused corners and spaces.  Read More…

Giveaway : £300 to Spend at Loaf

King Crate Mate shelf from Loaf

It wasn’t long ago that I first discovered my love of Loaf, the British brand that claims to be “emperors of comfy, laid-back furniture and squishy stuff for the whole home”. It’s got a nice ring to it, right? Anyway, I featured some of their products a while back when I first discovered Loaf’s lovely collection but since then there have been some exciting new developments from the masters of lounging. I am extremely happy to feature a brand new collection from Loaf that launches today. Bonjour Blighty is Loaf’s new Summer collection for 2014 and I have to say that it has superseded all my expectations. I mean, I knew it would be good judging by the calibre of their existing products but I wasn’t expecting to fall quite so head over heels for it. There aren’t many brands whose website I could visit and pin practically every product to my ‘My Style‘ Pinterest board but Loaf is definitely one of them.  Read More…

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