Review : Copper Terrarium from The Urban Botanist

The Urban Botanist Copper Terrarium 4

I have wanted a terrarium for a long time now. What has put me off though is the fact that they are often sold empty, leaving the buyer to fill them themselves. This is all well and good assuming that you know how to fill a terrarium and what to put in it. For people like me who live one day to the next in terms of plant survival, the thought of this can be a little daunting…well no actually that’s an understatement, it’s terrifying. What if you buy the wrong soil, or the wrong plant? What if you plant it incorrectly? There are just too many variables that could lead to the demise of the poor plant and there is nothing worse than having an innocent plant perish at your hands. So this is why it has taken me so long to get a terrarium, despite the fact that I’ve always known that one would look fabulous in my livingroom. When I was offered a terrarium to review by The Urban Botanist, I seriously considered turning it down. Not because I didn’t like the products, they looked amazing. But purely because I didn’t want to fill it myself and risk having to take photographs of a dead plant. Can you imagine having to admit that the terrarium is wonderful but you can’t keep anything alive in it? What kind of review would that be? Read More…

Designer Vases from Chive UK

Hanging Aeriums vase by Chive UK

Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to Home London this year as caring for a 4 week old baby meant that a trip up to London is just not possible right now. So I have been forced to experience the show through the Tweets, Instagram photos and Facebook updates of my fellow bloggers who have been able to visit the show. It is clear to see that there is a wide and very varied selection of design talent exhibiting at the show and whilst I am unable to report my findings from the show, there are a number of designers and brands that have nonetheless caught my eye and I would like to feature here. One of those brands is Chive UK.

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