Tuft + Paw

Stylish Cat Beds for Design Conscious Pet Owners

Covo cat bed from Tuft + Paw - stylish cat beds for design conscious cat owners

I’m not a big animal person as I’m actually allergic to animal fur so when it comes to pets I have to keep it simple. We have a Syrian hamster named Fritz and that is it. Until recently, I’ve been quite pleased that we don’t have cats or dogs as I’ve never really come across pet beds that I would be proud to have on display in my own home. They tend to be quite ugly and that is a real challenge for design conscious pet owners. But I started looking into it and I found that there are actually some great options out there now. (Remember this post and this one?) It seems that the market for designer pet accessories has finally matured. I even heard that IKEA is bringing out a range of pet beds soon so that means that design loving pet people will no longer have to take out a small mortgage to accommodate their furry friends stylishly.  Read More…

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