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Peel & Stick +Timber Boards for Walls

+TIMBER peel and stick wooden panels in Cloud Grey

Living somewhere that is packed full of character is perhaps the dream for many of us, but not necessarily the reality. Anyone who lives in a new build will know that the developers don’t go out of their way to incorporate characterful features into the houses that they build. This can also be said for many people who rent and are subjected to large expanses of non-descript magnolia walls. Unable to even hang pictures in some cases, renters are often left living in homes that really lack that personal touch or any kind of statement features.

There has been a large movement in recent years towards trying to help renters personalise their space in a way that is temporary and will not lead to aggravating landlords who don’t want their property changed or damaged in any way. Remember this book by Joanna Thornhill? There are some really great ideas and products out there that allow us to add a unique feel to our homes, but in a less permanent manner. The latest product that I have discovered is +TIMBER, an innovative new peel and stick system that allows you to stick timber boards onto the wall or ceiling.

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3D Wall Panels from 3DWalldecor

The Pads Wall Panel from 3DWallDecor

These 3D wall panels are manufactured by a young design company called 3DWallDecor, which is based in the Netherlands. Since 2010, the company has been providing an innovative range of three dimensional wall panels made of environmentally friendly bamboo pulp.

The panels are modular, easy to apply and paintable and are suitable for decorating walls and ceilings in homes, shops, restaurants, offices and meeting areas. They currently come in four different designs – bars, dunes, moonscape and pads.

The Bars Wall Panel from 3DWallDecor


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