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Scan 68 wood burning stoves

Scan 68 wood burning stove

As the cold weather persists and we all start piling on the extra layers, I’ve been thinking about changing the fireplace at home. I have an ugly electric fire that we never use which is housed in a horrible laminated orange fire surround. It’s pretty hideous. I’d really like to replace it with a fire surround that is a bit more chunky and industrial looking to fit with the look we’ve created in the living room. I’ve been looking since 2013 and nothing has really jumped out at me. Although Next now have a couple that I quite fancy. I also really like the idea of wood burning stoves. We totally don’t need one as the central heating is more than enough to keep our little flat toasty warm, but I just love the cosy atmosphere they create and you can’t beat the crackling and popping noises of burning wood, not to mention the smell. I’d like to think we could get the fireplace sorted for next winter but my list of home projects is extremely long so it might have to wait. We’ll see! Read More…

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