29 ways to stay creative

I was browsing Moleskinerie, the official blog for Moleskin notepads,  in the early hours of the morning (as one does when one can’t sleep) and I saw this little video created by TO-FU Design showing 29 ways to stay creative. Some pretty good advice there I’d say.



As you all read my blog I’ll take a wild guess and assume that you are a pretty creative bunch of folks. So what are your tips for staying creative? Please share them with us in the comments, we’d love to hear from you. Or alternatively just tell us which of the tips here work for you or which you think you need to pay more attention to.

I personally write loads of lists, and I write down ideas as soon as I have them, particularly ideas for blog posts and feature ideas for the various publications and sites I write for. In fact, I currently have 40 ideas for blog posts written on my to-write list. Just need to find the time to write them now.

One tip I desperately need to try is stepping away from the computer (I am writing this post at 03:25am a clear indication that I spend far too many hours sat at this pc).

So what about you?

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  1. Bozena Reply

    In the previous comment you mentioned listening to foreign music :)

    Yes, I’m in Lodz and of course you have to come for our Design Festival, it is quite and event. But we have some other attractions too :) Let me know if you ever come

  2. Bozena Reply

    Oh yes, pen and paper, definietly! My computer is sorrounded with small paper notes, post-its and notebooks…
    And what is your favorite Polish music????

    • staceysheppard Reply

      My favourite Polish music? Well I really like Grubson especially this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BnT_wkuMBA but I also like Gural and I quite like Feel as well. How do you know that I like Polish music? lol!

      Do you live in Lodz? If so have you ever been to Lodz Design Festival? I would really like to go. I am a big fan of Polish design.

  3. Oliver @ Sabi Style Reply

    The notebook is my secret weapon. It is home to random ideas, creative thoughts, sketches, design inspiration and everything else colourful that tumbles around in my head.

    I am always on the hunt for something new that will light a fire in my mind. The last two things that stopped me in my tracks was a shop window with the most beautiful awning and an old wedding photo. From the awning I got the colour plate for a living room and from the photo the inspiration to turn back the years for an older couple and create a space that was about them – the 2 people with the whole world in front of them, carefree and in love. They hadn’t changed just let the layers of life build up and hide their true self.

    I love to listen to music when I an designing. At this very moment its Adele “Someone like you” – http://youtu.be/NAc83CF8Ejk

    • staceysheppard Reply

      Hey Oliver. I have that Adele song on repeat most days. What an amazing voice she has! I also tend to listen to quite a bit of foreign music to help inspire me, mostly French, German or Polish. I don’t know why but I always feel more creative when listening to foreign music.
      Such a nice story about the old couple. Must be so satisfying working on projects like that.

  4. PopArtRockGirlYeah! Reply

    wow really interesting post! It’s funny but I’ve just started going back to the old method of writing with pen and notepad, and I’m feeling that my writing is better as a result. There’s a lot to be said for sitting down and deliberating over something in a less stressful way than hunched over a computer! :-)

    • staceysheppard Reply

      I totally agree! There are also far less distractions when using a good old pen and paper. For a start you can’t just flick over the page and read a hundred and one updates from the most interesting people on the net. Plus I am the world’s biggest stationery geek!

  5. Bozena Reply

    Great video, I would say it covers all the aspects of staying creative. For me, personally, lists are a no-no (usually I feel like it’s done already instead of to do).
    And the most important part is to feed your creativity (by watching, listening, talking not neccesarry in your areas of interest) and to keep yourself in good condition – yes, don’t spend so many hours at the comp :)

    Thanks for such an inspirational and creative post!

    • staceysheppard Reply

      Thanks for commenting Bozena. I totally agree that creativity needs to be fed and I for one need to endeavor to do more things that will feed my creativity, things that do not involve a computer! However, I don’t think I could cope without lists. My mind works at a million miles an hour and I simply can’t keep up with all the ideas I have. If I don’t write them down in a list I will never be able to remember them all. Plus there is a great feeling of satisfaction when you get to tick them off the list as complete. In fact its very motivating!

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