Pantone notebooks

I have to admit to a guilty secret here…I am a secret stationery geek! Ever since I was young I have absolutely adored stationery and there was no better time for me than the first week back at school after the summer holidays. Going shopping to buy all those new notepads and pens was one of my favourite times of year.

Even now, the smell and touch of a brand new notebook is one of my favourite things. The only problem is I don’t really like writing in new notebooks, which probably explains why I have drawers and drawers of blank notebooks in my house just waiting to be written in. I think it’s because an empty notebook holds so much potential, just think of all the interesting, amazing, inspirational things it could contain. I personally find that my notebooks never live up to my expectations, which is why I like to keep them in this raw, unused state – to preserve the potential.

Moleskins are obviously high up on my list of favourite notebooks, but I recently discovered these Pantone notebooks from W2 Products. I guess I’ll need to find a drawer to keep them all in.

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