Bauhaus-inspired Wall Murals

Muralswallpaper Bauhaus-inspired wall murals - Dessau

Primary colours; check. Bold iconic geometrics; check. Overlaying these two elements to make a distinctive and recognisable style statement; check. It can only be Bauhaus.

To celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the opening of the Bauhaus art school, MuralsWallpaper is releasing a signature new collection of Bauhaus-inspired wall murals to honour and commemorate this groundbreaking institution and the inspiring designs that it has produced.

Muralswallpaper Bauhaus-inspired wall murals - Perspektive

You’d have to be living under a rock not to have at least a passing acquaintance with Bauhaus design, and MuralsWallpaper has given you the opportunity to include six of their architecturally-inspired murals in your home. Named in native German for their content, you can get your hands on such murals as Kreis (meaning circle), Bilden (form) or Perspektive (no translation necessary).

The company utilises the eye-catching inspiration of the century of visual masterpiece design to make your home feel like a stylish shrine to the Bauhaus movement. No matter your colour pallet, nor the appearance of your home, MuralsWallpaper’s Bauhaus-inspired wall murals can transform your space into a colourful and bold homage to geometric design that has spanned the ages.

Muralswallpaper Bauhaus-inspired wall murals - Kreis

And as with many design pieces, the rule of less is more is fully relevant here. There is no need to plaster an entire room with theses murals – they simply provide a standing pop of innovation to a plain wall – a statement wall fit for any room in any house. From the home office to the nursery, these fashionable murals will make you feel like you have captured a piece of the Dessau Bauhaus design school and brought it home with you.

Murals allow you to revamp spaces, small or large, with minimal effort and maximum impact. Anyone with any experience hanging wallpaper will be able to follow the easy hanging guides, and these murals come numbered so you can’t go wrong. Better still, they are paste-the-wall murals, so no need for complicated folding acrobatics to get the whole length slathered in paste before transporting it to its destination.

Muralswallpaper Bauhaus-inspired wall murals - Bilden

And MuralsWallpaper has even accommodated for the threat of uneven wall space, with overlaps to allow the design to match perfectly as you place each drop, and extra dimensions of the image (1-2% extra) at the top and bottom that can be trimmed to offset a wonky wall.

If you’re feeling uninspired, need a simple solution to a dull living space or even just want a pop of colour, these guys can give you exactly what you need.

Muralswallpaper Bauhaus-inspired wall murals - Neues Sehen
Neues Sehen
Muralswallpaper Bauhaus-inspired wall murals - Dreieck

So what do you think about these Bauhaus-inspired wall murals? Would you consider them for your home?

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