Globally-Inspired Wallpaper by Andrew Martin

Lumberjack Wallpaper by Andrew Martin
Lumberjack | Image: Andrew Martin International

When I was at Decorex last month, one of the stands that really stood out to me was that of Andrew Martin who had obviously gone to great lengths to create a stand that looked like it had just travelled light years from another galaxy to take part in the show. Stepping through the doors (yes this stand had doors…well sort of) you were immediately transported aboard a vessel similar to the Star Ship Enterprise. It was rather surreal and I’m afraid to say that I was so absorbed in the magnificent stand that I actually came away having no idea what Andrew Martin did. I’m so pleased that I looked into it when I got home though as I have discovered that the company produces the most amazing wallpaper. They are brilliant aren’t they? I love the imitation wood papers and that Regent Oak Wallpaper would look just magnificent in a home library. I’d love to hear what you all think so please do let me know. Which one is your favourite?

Timber Wallpaper by Andrew Martin
Timber Wallpaper | Image: Andrew Martin International
Regent Oak Wallpaper by Andrew Martin
Regent Oak | Image: Andrew Martin International
Plantation Linen Wallpaper by Andrew Martin
Plantation Linen | Image by Andrew Martin International
Newton Wallpaper by Andrew Martin
Newton | Image: Andrew Martin International
Curator Oxidised Wallpaper by Andrew Martin
Curator Oxidised | Image: Andrew Martin International
Colonial Wallpaper by Andrew Martin
Colonial | Image :Andrew Martin International
Atlantis Wallpaper by Andrew Martin
Atlantis | Image: Andrew Martin International

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