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Anthology Definition wallcovering Obsidian - Watercolour wallpaper

I’ve noticed the watercolour trend hitting the interiors scene over the past few years and I was wondering if any of you have noticed it too? It started off in accessories like cushions and fabrics, then we saw tableware and ceramics following suit. But it seems to me that this trend is getting stronger and stronger as lots of lovely new collections of watercolour wallpaper are popping up at the moment.

My inbox has been a hotbed of activity in the past two weeks as I have received email after email about these gorgeous wallcoverings that are inspired by painterly techniques. Whether it’s paint splatters, watery inks, or visible brush strokes, these beautiful papers are taking inspiration from the artist’s palette to create something really stunning. So today I thought I’d share my findings with you.

The Definition range by Anthology


Anthology Definition wallcovering Envision - Watercolour wallpaper

 Since its launch in early 2014, Anthology has established itself as the must-have brand for those looking to create an ultra-chic, global style. Anthology oozes international glamour through its pioneering finishes, ground-breaking textures and intricate backgrounds. It has recently added to its collection with the Definition range of eight statement wallcoverings. These beautiful watercolour wallpapers combine an edgy, ‘street’ style with a slightly ethereal vibe.

Anthology Definition wallcovering Envision - Watercolour wallpaper

Definition has been inspired by geology and crystals: more figurative and mystical than previous Anthology ranges, it adds an extra intensity of colour and design. The result is a breath-taking collection of wallcoverings, multi-faceted, serene and powerfully effective.

Designers Louise Draper and Linda Thacker

Anthology Definition wallcovering Aspronisi - Watercolour wallpaper

Watercolour Wallpaper from Curious Egg

Curious Egg - Baltic Sea watercolour wallpaper, £119

Curious Egg is a beautifully ecclectic online homewares store full of fine-crafted objects, interesting limited edition artworks and tactile, characterful homewares. They stock a wonderful selection of watercolour wallpaper produced by the Scandinavian company Feathr who scour the world for like-minded creative people and commission independent artists to create the most unique and exciting designs for wallpaper. And these really are absolutely stunning.

Curious Egg - Vigor Smoke watercolour wallpaper
Curious Egg English Rose Blue watercolour wallpaper
Curious Egg English Rose Midnight watercolour wallpaper
Curious Egg Misty Beach Dawn watercolour wallpaper

Louise Body Watercolour Wallpaper

Louise Body Watercolour wallpaper plum

I’ve written about the lovely designs of Louise Body before here and here. This new collection of watercolour wallpapers is new for 2017 and comes in four fresh colourways: Plum, Jade, Grey and Fushia. The design is taken from her original abstract watercolour paintings. What is so great about it though is that it has been designed with a huge pattern repeat of 6 metres and can be hung as a free repeat, so no fiddly joining up and no wastage.

Louise Body Watercolour wallpaper Jade
Louise Body Watercolour wallpaper grey
Louise Body Watercolour wallpaper fushia

Louise Body Collection for Hovia

Louise Body Murals Wallpaper - still lake coral and blue watercolour wallpaper

Louise Body, who has been hand-painting wallpaper for 14 years, has also designed an exclusive range of watercolour wallpaper for Hovia. Inspired by nature (trees, lakes, birds, flora, forests, gardens, landscapes and leaves), Louise’s designs are a perfect example of the trend for watercolour wallpaper. The soft and subtle colours and visible brush strokes look like they have come straight off the artist’s canvas. The 35 stunning designs have been digitally printed and capture each brushstroke of the carefully handmade pieces in HD, bringing Louise’s designs to life on a large scale.

Louise Body Murals Wallpaper - still lake emerald watercolour wallpaper

I love the idea of walking into a room and feeling as though as though you have stepped into a painting. The murals provide an atmospheric backdrop to a room that will inform an overall scheme but not over dominate

Louise Body

Louise Body Murals Wallpaper - tree tops blue watercolour wallpaper
Louise Body Murals Wallpaper - Landscape soft pink watercolour wallpaper

Watercolour Wallpaper from Hovia

Teal Watercolour Wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper

Hovia also has a whole bunch of other Watercolour Wallpaper in addition to those designed by Louise. My favourite are these inky hues that look like a blot of paint that has expanded across the page. They are available in navy, green, dusky pink, grey and teal. The collection features 54 designs in total so there is bound to be a design that you’ll love.

Pink Watercolour Wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper
Navy Watercolour Wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper
Grey Watercolour Wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper
Abstract Green Watercolour Wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper
Watercolour wallpaper Red Grunge Fading Paint Wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper
Watercolour wallpaper - Ink Blot Wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper
Watercolour wallpaper Blue Grunge Wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper
Watercolour wallpaper Red Grunge Wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper
Watercolour wallpaper Blue Grunge Fading Paint Wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper

Watercolour Wallpaper by Newmor

Newmore Watercolour wallpaper in Botanical

The final example of watercolour wallpaper that has been on my radar is the new Watercolours collection from Newmor’s Custom range. Designed for the commercial wallcoverings market, the designs are hand-painted in-house by the Newmor design team and then printed onto wide-width contract quality fabric backed vinyl wallcoverings which are suitable for high traffic areas like corridors, lobbies and bed head walls. There are four different designs: Botanical, geometric, stripe and tiles and they can all be re-coloured and re-scaled and printed onto any of Newmor’s wallcoverings including textures, metallics and window films.

Newmore Watercolour Wallpaper in Geometric blue fade
Newmore Watercolour wallpaper in Stripe
Newmore Watercolour wallpaper in Tile Original Blues
Newmore Watercolour wallpaper in Geometric Orange
Newmore watercolour wallpaper in stripe pale
Newmore Watercolour wallpaper in Tiles Grey

So guys, what do you think of the trend for watercolour wallpaper? Can you see yourself getting all painterly and artistic in your home? Do you have a favourite design from those I’ve featured here? As always I’d love to hear your thoughts so drop a comment below.

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