Updating Tiles with Coloured Grout

British Ceramic Tile Metro Tiles and Coloured Grout I dream of the day when I can afford to redo my bathroom and my kitchen. The guy who owned our flat before us clearly believed that he was qualified to renovate the place…oh how wrong he was. I’ve never seen such poor quality workmanship and being the design addict that I am makes this a pretty bitter pill to swallow. The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important rooms in the house, and unfortunately these are also the worst rooms in our house. And being the most expensive to change, I’m afraid we’re stuck with ours for a while to come. But when that day does come, I intend to make sure that we make a statement. Our bathroom is really tiny so we’ll probably have to go with white tiles to maximise the feeling of space and light but I want to avoid it looking too clinical. Then yesterday I received an email from British Ceramic Tile all about using coloured grout.

British Ceramic Tile Metro Tiles and Coloured GroutI had already decided to use British Ceramic Tile as they are local company to me being based here in Devon and I was leaning toward using metro tiles too. So when I saw these pictures it dispelled all my fears of having a boring, clinical white bathroom. By using coloured grout it adds a real pop to the tiles and has a great impact. The hardest part will be choosing which colour grout to go for.

British Ceramic Tile’s Trend Manager, Claire O’Brien, says: “While we’d all like to give our walls a complete overhaul, it’s simply not practical for many of us. But you can make some cost effective changes that will give you an instant update. White metro brick tiles are a perennial favourite and great value for money, so why not re-tile your kitchen wall with a design classic and accent them with a coloured grout. There are lots of ready-made grouts in different shades to choose from or you can use a grout pen to add a pop of colour to your walls.”

And what about choosing the colour? Claire says: “Go retro and match a strong shade of teal with orange accents for a kitchen with an American diner feel, or tap into the pastel trend with sweet shades of pink or baby blue. The options are endless.”

So what do you guys think? Would you consider using coloured grout?

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