Tiling Trends 2016

Bespoke Patchwork Encaustic Tiles from Alhambra Tiles used on the floor to zone the living area.

Bespoke patchwork encaustic tiles from Alhambra Home & Garden

It’s official, I am obsessed with tiles! Wall tiles and floor tiles have been on my mind for months now. Admittedly, I’ve always been pretty obsessed but since thinking about renovating my own kitchen and bathroom the situation has become far more serious. I am so indecisive when it comes to my own home and being an ardent researcher certainly does not help matters. But in my pursuit of the perfect tiles I have come across a couple of tiling trends that are sure to be big this year and I wanted to share them with you guys. So here goes…

Bespoke patchwork encaustic tiles from Alhambra Home & Garden used to zone the living area

Bespoke patchwork encaustic tiles from Alhambra Home & Garden

I have noticed lots of wonderful images of floor tiles being used almost like area rugs. Rectangular blocks of patterned tiles are placed strategically within a room to ‘zone’ the different areas and do away with the need for a vertical partition. This is particularly helpful in large open plan spaces where all the internal walls that would otherwise define the separate areas may have been removed.

Blue Bolero tiles from the Odyssey collection by Original Style

Blue Bolero tiles from the Odyssey collection by Original Style

The patterned tiles are often surrounded by very plain and simple tiles so that the contrast makes even more of a statement. In some of the images I have seen there is a larger expanse of patterned tiles that dominate the floor leaving a simple border around the edge of the room. And the tiles don’t even have to be made from the same material, but more on that later.

Moments Floor And Wall Tiles from Tile Mountain used to zone the living area and the kitchen

Moments Floor And Wall Tiles from Tile Mountain

Whilst this effect can be used to differentiate two distinct spaces, it can also be used to create a flow and seamlessly connect two separate rooms into one coherent space.

Picasso Natural Light patterned porcelain tile from Alhambra Home & GardenPicasso Natural Light patterned porcelain tile from Alhambra Home & Garden

Zeinah Moroccan Tiles

Zeinah Moroccan Tiles from Walls and Floors

Zellij Patchwork Tiles from Walls and Floors

Zellij Patchwork Tiles from Walls and Floors

So that is one trend I have identified for 2016 and the second is the use of tiles in different materials, shapes or shades for the same floor. For example wood flooring (or tiles that look like wood) may be used alongside stone (or tiles that look like stone). And I also noticed that a lot of these techniques feature hexagon tiles, which are my current tiling crush.

Misty Fjord™ Hexagon Polished Tile from Topps Tiles

Misty Fjord™ Hexagon Polished Tile from Topps Tiles

Rokkakkei Hexagon Tiles from Walls and Floors Ltd

Rokkakkei Hexagon Tiles from Walls and Floors Ltd

Modern Industrial Giant Hexagon floor tile from Alhambra Home & Garden

Modern Industrial Giant Hexagon floor tile from Alhambra Home & Garden

Surface Mate tiles in Marble Bianco and Terra in Fumo

Surface Mate tiles in Marble Bianco and Terra in Fumo

Have you guys noticed these tiling trends popping up recently? What do you think of them? Are you a fan of hexagonal tiles? I’d love to hear your thoughts so leave me a comment!

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  2. North West Garage Conversions Reply

    Nice designs that I liked would love to imbibe the brown one in my garage.Thank you for the share

  3. Beatrix Reply

    I like the fireplace arrangement as well as the wooden tile finish …Great find

  4. Annabel Reply

    I have some broken tiles in my kitchen that I was thinking of repairing after looking at your pics in the blog ..You have saved me a lot of pounds ..THank you for the share …

  5. Tomson Floors Reply

    The Zellij Patchwork Tiles from Walls and Floors are simply a good option for cracked ceramic tiles. It looks brilliant and it does not seem to be a hit on your budget of changing the entire floor tiles.

    Nice ideas and brilliant find of designs. Kudos

  6. Andreea Reply

    Amazing pictures, i just wondering where can i find patterned tiles in my town.

  7. Andreea Reply

    Nice article, thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Eion Lee Reply

    Wood flooring with hexagonal tiles are really very good.I too love the patchwork tiling trend.The snaps are really good.

  9. Adam Reply

    Hi Everyone.
    Just to clarify . Hexagon while tilted are joint with wooden mimic (looking like wood ) ceramic tiles. You can see bright grout between joints.

  10. Rick Reply

    I actually don’t like it. I believe it’s a good idea, but can look unfinished so easily, as this does

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  12. Alisha Reply

    I really like the framing ideas you took in first pictures that will give a space to define something in the house. Nice Ideas.

    • StaceySheppard Reply

      Thanks Alisha, glad you were able to get some ideas from my post!

      • Alisha Reply

        Yes i am going through many of your post. Really appreciate for your work :)

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  15. Sandra Reply

    I love the hexagon tiles with the wood! Crushing so hard on that right now. Saw it just last week in a shop and I have never ever taken a pic faster, haha.

    • StaceySheppard Reply

      It’s gorgeous isn’t it?

    • Al Reply

      The hex tile and wood is absolutely brilliant…it is plausible with both wood, wood laminate and ceramic wood tile.

  16. Matt Reply

    Great trends here!

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    great ideas and installation. However I think it is a big investment for something you may get bored with quickly and wish you had not done it-like a tattoo

    • StaceySheppard Reply

      I can totally see your point there Andrew. It’s definitely not for everyone.

  20. Tom Reply

    The idea to use different tiles to define spaces is brilliant.

    • StaceySheppard Reply

      I agree Tom, it’s a really neat way of dividing off the different areas.

  21. Lalaine Sawyer Reply

    I would like to know what type tiles placed on top of wood please? Or what type of tiles would be used on top of old tiles without removing existing one. The hexagon tiles looks nice, I want to replace my dining like that.

    • StaceySheppard Reply

      Hi lalaine, I’m afraid I’m not all that good with the technicalities of tiling. I’m sure though that if you contacted a local tiler they would be able to give you answers to all your questions. Good luck!

  22. geraldine Reply

    Great selection. Love the colourful Alhambra ones.

  23. Karen - Making Spaces Reply

    Love how just be changing the flooring in an open plan space it can completely define an area or “zone”. Love the hexagonal tiles into wooden flooring. Really nice contrast!!

  24. Jen Reply

    I do love the hexagonal tile, I guess you need a pretty big space to use two different types of materials but I love the idea of it. x

  25. Gabrielle Reply

    Gorgeous. I love the floor tiles so much. Going to pin your post for reference. Thank you for sharing it.

  26. Hannah Reply

    oh hexagonal tiles, these are so nice, great examples x

  27. Tiffany Grant-Riley Reply

    Really like the part wood/part tiled look, makes the floor look a little more interesting as a feature.

  28. Becky Reply

    These look very cool 7 contemporary

  29. Cate Reply

    Ooh I’m definitely a fan of hexagonal tiles, they look so good with that wood flooring, I would never have thought of doing that myself!

  30. Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely Reply

    I love hexagonal tiles. I’m yet to see them in real life but they look amazing in photographs. I’ve pinned an image with a home which has them on the walls, too, and they look fantastic.

  31. Stephanie Reply

    That’s a great idea, it is really effective. I love the effect of the rug around the dining room table.

  32. Kate Watson-Smyth Reply

    Great pictures. I, too, am obsessed with tiles and have a post coming up later in the week on the very same subject. I think I have decided that all tiles should be patterned. And I definitely want some laid in a rug formation. *Goes off to rip up wooden floorboards*

  33. Rachel Reply

    Oh goodness, I love the patchwork tile trend – those floors look amazing. Hexagon shaped tiles are very nice too.

  34. Katy Reply

    I haven’t seen them in any homes but I have definitely seen them in restaurants and cafes and they look really cool. I suppose it could help that awkward transition to different flooring in your home xx

    • Tomson Floors Reply

      I agree Katy these geometrical shaped tiles are worth a try at homes
      Bespoke patchwork encaustic tiles is worth a try at home….

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