Gift Guide : Interior Design Books

Interior Design Books Gift Guide

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If you’re anything like me, books are one of the best presents you can receive at Christmas. I love having a selection of interior design books at my disposal and I’m starting to build up quite a collection. I’m looking forward to creating a lovely way to display them once my youngest daughter manages to stop ripping and eating book pages. So if you know a book lover who is also interested in interior design you might want to consider gifting them one of these great interior design books this Christmas.  Read More…

Book Review : Urban Jungle | Living & Styling with Plants

Urban Jungle Bloggers Book Cover

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and were able to take time off to enjoy all the festivities with your loved ones. We certainly did. Christmas has become so much more fun and enjoyable since we’ve had the kids, they really do bring a sense of magic and excitement to this special time of year. As usual it all went too fast, I don’t feel like I’ve had enough time to indulge at all and I certainly haven’t eaten enough mince pies yet. In fact I’ve been really rather restrained this year, which is disappointing. But I have had a little time to relax and I’ve finally got around to reading an amazing book that has been on my shelf since about October. Today I wanted to share with you this brilliant book that has me totally inspired for the New Year.  Read More…

Book Review : 1000 Ideas for Colour Schemes

Book Review 1000 Ideas for Colour Schemes

The latest book to arrive at Design Sheppard HQ for review is a great little read called 1000 ideas for colour schemes by Jennifer Ott, an interior designer and architectural colour specialist based in San Francisco. Now I say it’s a great little read, but to be honest there isn’t really much reading to be done. It’s more of a picture book, jam packed full of beautiful and inspirational images. Imagine Pinterest in the form of a book and you’re getting close. The idea behind the book is to help you choose great colour schemes in all aspects of your life, from your interior decor and clothes, through to beauty, weddings and even cake decorating. It aims to inspire you to think beyond the typical colour combinations.

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Book Review : Design Bloggers at Home by Ellie Tennant

Design Bloggers At Home Book

This book has been sitting on my bookshelf for a good long while now and I have finally gotten around to reading it. I could have reviewed it before but I don’t like to write book reviews until I have had the time to actually read the book from cover to cover. Needless to say, since Matylda was born I haven’t had a great deal of time for reading. However, I have been dying to curl up with this particular book as it is about two of my very favourite things: homes and blogging. Design Bloggers at Home is written by London-based freelance interiors journalist, stylist and author, Ellie Tennant and the photography is done by Rachel Whiting. As a design blogger myself I just love taking a sneak peek into the homes of other bloggers. On the one hand, I find it really inspiring and actually quite aspirational to see how many of my counterparts live. But on the other hand, I find it can make me a little glum because I inevitably end up feeling like my own home is completely inadequate and not a patch on those of the bloggers that I have come to love and admire. I have to keep telling myself though that me and my little family are really just at the beginning of our home journey. We only bought our flat 18 months ago and we had our daughter within three months of moving in so we’ve had neither the time nor the budget to do anything drastic. We’ll get there eventually and in the meantime I need to stop comparing our home with those of other people. So when I picked up Ellie’s book I had this in the forefront of my mind before I turned to the first page. Read More…

World Book Day 2015

Holiday At Home by Jason Grant

Tomorrow, the 5th March 2015 is World Book Day so I thought it only fitting to do a quick post on books. I love books with a passion and it’s been my dream for as long as I can remember to have a home library. I not long ago started doing book reviews here on the blog and they are some of my favourite posts. But what exactly is World Book Day? Well, It’s a day that is designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of authors, illustrators, books and reading, and it is marked in over 100 countries all over the world. The aim of World Book Day is really to encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and reading but I think we adults should be able to celebrate it too. So I thought I would share some of my favourite interiors books with you, some of which I have reviewed here on the blog. Read More…

Book Review : The Origami Home by Mark Bolitho

Origami Home Book Cover

Today I wanted to share this really lovely book with you guys as I know you will appreciate it, particularly those of you who are into your arts and crafts. The Origami Home is a really unique, modern approach to the ancient Japanese art of paper folding combined with high-end interior design. The book features projects for almost every room in the home and and is broken down into chapters that have a focus on a particular room. These include: Living Room, Modern-Retro Dining Room, Loft Room, Family Dining Room, Work Space, Bedroom, Bathroom, and Terrace. Whilst the book states it demonstrates how to make models for every room in the home, there is no chapter on the kitchen, but I guess we can forgive this as it would be extremely challenging trying to replicate a fully fitted kitchen at a fraction of the size and in paper.  Read More…

Book Review : Holiday at Home by Jason Grant


Holiday at Home by Jason Grant

It’s starting to feel really wintry outside now, don’t you think? Those dark evenings are drawing in earlier and earlier every night and it’s now dark before I even leave the office at night. Don’t get me wrong, I actually quite enjoy winter and the cosy dark evenings but it is only November and I don’t think I’ll be quite so keen come January. By then I’ll be longing for a holiday somewhere warm and sunny I’m sure. There is something so wonderful about holidays and the way they make us feel so relaxed and carefree. If only we could feel like that all year round, even when we’re just at home right? Well in his new book, interiors and lifestyle stylist Jason Grant shares his tips for creating interior spaces that capture that relaxed, holiday vibe. Holiday at Home, published by Hardie Grant, is Jason’s second book and aims to help us hold on to those precious memories of our perfect holiday by turning our living spaces into a retreat from the stresses of our everyday lives. Read More…

Giveaway : Colour Me Good Chairs Colouring Book

Colour Me Good Chairs Colouring Book Cover

A few weeks ago I read a really interesting article in the Independent about how French women are using colouring in books to relieve stress and anxiety. I found this a really interesting article and I was actually quite excited by the prospect. I used to love colouring in as a kid. I was never any good at art so colouring in was a great way for me to unleash some creativity that I could be proud of. I instantly wondered to myself whether I would enjoy colouring in as much now that I am an adult and you know what? I think I probably would and what’s more, I think it probably would be quite a good stress reliever if you could find the right colouring in book. I mean you certainly wouldn’t want to be colouring in children’s images. You would want something with a more mature, adult feel to it wouldn’t you? I know I would. So I was very surprised when a few days after reading this article I received an email from Mel Elliott of I Love Mel, a UK-based designer who draws and produces adult colouring in books for a living. Mel wanted to let me know about one of her latest books that she thought you guys would be interested in. Read More…

Book Review : Home for Now by Joanna Thornhill

Home for Now by Joanna Thornhill - Cover Image

I hope you all had a great Easter and didn’t indulge in too much chocolate! Over the weekend I spent some valuable time with family. My parents were dying to get their hands on Matylda, which gave me a little free time to kick back and relax with a book that has been on my reading list for a while. Home for Now, published by Cico Books, is the delightful new book by London-based interior stylist and writer Joanna Thornhill. As soon as I heard about this book I couldn’t wait to read it and I really started to ask myself why nobody had written this much-needed book before.

It is aimed at the generations of renters who cannot afford the colossal deposits required to secure their first step on the property ladder as well as the lucky souls who have been able to scrape together the deposit but then find themselves lacking the necessary funds to turn their property in the home they have always dreamed of. For those who find themselves in either of these situations it can be most disappointing not having free rein to put your own stamp on a home and inject some of your personality into it. With this in mind, and based on her own experience of having lived in 12 rental properties before embarking on a project to renovate her own home for now, Jo has put together this extensive volume aiming to illustrate how, with just a little imagination and creativity, it really is possible to overcome the limitations imposed by landlords or the lack of financial means and transform your dwelling into a home you are proud to live in. Read More…

Book Review: Decorate With Flowers

Decorate with Flowers - book cover
I love flowers and plants but I have to admit that I do not have green fingers at all. In fact, most plants in my care sadly tend to perish. The only species that I have any luck caring for are succulents, cacti, bamboo, and Dracena plants that practically need no care at all and are able to withstand all sorts of neglect. Although I’m ashamed to say that I have been known to kill both bamboo and cacti in the past…don’t ask me how! Whilst I do love the feeling created by having a spot of greenery and some bright and cheery flowers in my home, I do tend to simply stick flowers in a standard vase or jug and keep plants in basic plant pots – nothing too imaginative. So I was very excited to learn that interiors author and stylist Holly Becker of decor8 has brought out a new book that she has co-authored with product designer, photographer and stylist Leslie Shewring of A Creative Mint.

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