Book Review : Love Colour

I was gifted this book for the purpose of this review. This post contains affiliate links.

Image from the book Love Colour ©annastarmer - A blue dining room with red table and chairs

Colour is the cornerstone of any designer’s repertoire. But it’s not just the case of picking a colour and running with it. There are deep chasms of considerations to contemplate before you start to build your palette; a psychology that reflects the purpose and placement of every coloured item in every room of your house.  Sounds complex and daunting right?

Don’t worry about a thing. Love colour (affiliate) sees photographer, colour consultant and author Anna Starmer compile the ultimate guidance in decorative colour to help you make the right choices when starting your design journey. This glorious hardback edition boasts over 250 pages of quality instruction and information to help open your mind about the role colour plays in the process of interior design.  As an added bonus, you also receive a 24-page colour chart booklet tucked in the back cover of Love Colour.

The tagline of this book reads “Choosing colours to live with” and this to me really embodies what some people might not pay mind to when starting to decorate their living space.  To quote the introductory chapter, Starmer writes: “Be clear and honest about which colours you love and want to surround yourself with; these are the colours that resonate with you – they make you feel happy, calm and comfortable.”  And thus begins a vivid journey, chapter by chapter, deep-diving into each colour, the lighting, the shade and the meaning and feeling behind it, to make choosing the colours of the home a more streamlined, yet considered process.

Image from the book Love Colour ©annastarmer - a dark grey kitchen with wood topped island.

Starmer talks about mood, about tone and about pattern – no stone is left unturned as this book guides the reader through the bounty of information on colour and the therapy that it can provide.  Blues and greens and yellows and reds – each have a unique angle that is explored in depth in Starmer’s fascinating new addition to her impressive catalogue of publications. This book has changed the way I look at colour and I’m sure, no matter who you are or where your interest lies, Starmer can teach you a thing or two to help you improve the feel of your home using a new outlook on colour.

Image from the book Love Colour ©annastarmer - a dining room with very bold botanical wallpaper on all walls.

Have you read Love Colour (affiliate)? If you have I’d love to know what you thought so leave me a comment below!

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