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I was sent a review copy of this book by the publisher. This post contains affiliate links.

Japanese Style at Home Book Review - A kimono hung on the	wall	makes for an unusual and	unique piece of artwork

June will be a powerful month for publisher Thames & Hudson. Here at The Design Sheppard, I have been lucky enough to receive advanced copies of some of their upcoming books, and I cannot begin to express how excited this makes me, particularly with my deep-seated childhood adoration of all things Japanese.

Introducing Japanese Style at Home (affilliate), a visually arresting flexi-bound masterpiece compiled by the dream trifecta of editor, architect and designer. Olivia Bays, Catherine Nuijsink and Tony Seddon have tackled the task of writing an informative guide to using the tenets of Japanese philosophy, based on hundreds of years of spiritual and cultural advancements, and making this available to all who wish to add that slice of Zen to their decor. And that is what the book is built upon; a single word with a resounding influence that has leached into modern culture and interior design with its calming and tranquil application.

Japanese Style at Home Book Review - Exposed beams and	columns add colour and	texture to this large room, while low-hanging paper lanterns enhance the light from the large screened windows
Kengo Kuma & Associates,

This book covers a history of Japanese style, its origins and its path through time. From there, it serves as a modern how-to guide to help translate this style into the home, no matter where that home may be. Using signature materials such as bamboo, wood and metal as well as introducing the various uses of screens and sliding doors, this advisory publication really helps east to meet west in a crescendo of simplistic and stylish design.

Essentially, this book will allow you to draw from both the natural world and the easily recognisable aesthetic of the oriental world. Room by room, it demonstrates how to replicate and pay homage to the classic Japanese style and to make your home a peaceful, minimalist space, drenched in long-documented traditions and providing a peace that can only be sought from the concept of Zen.

Japanese Style at Home Book Review - Full-length glass doors and windows bring the outside world in
Conde House, 2 Henry Adams St., Showroom 152 San Francisco CA94103

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