Book Review : Natural Living Style

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy of this book by the publisher.

Natural Living Style by Selina Lake. An industrial-style kitchen featuring metal, concrete and rustic worn wood.

With the growing concern for the environment as the topic on everyone’s lips, interior design tips are taking a similar route. Introducing the inspirational book from publisher Ryland Peters & Small, Natural Living Style by stylist, author and columnist Selina Lake. Bound in hardback with a tactile cover and breath-taking photography from Rachel Whiting, this volume is a must-have for fans of the natural aesthetic.

Divided into broad sections, the book tackles inspirations, materials, natural living spaces and garden inspiration and draws on natural, organic and eco-friendly sustainable sourcing to provide a poignant guide to making the most of the world we live in. If you are concerned with your carbon footprint, are conscious of waste and recycling and are forward thinking to the state we leave the planet in for the next generation, then this book is a must-read.

Natural Living Style by Selina Lake -book cover

Selina Lake, recognising in herself a need to live greener, delves into the world of natural living style to consider the materials, most sustainable and naturally sourced, to bring an earthy and living feel to the interior and exterior of the modern home.

Topics covered include recycling, upcycling, the use of glass and metal and natural fibres to get your green fingers twitching in both the home and the garden. With the use of this wonderfully visual and easily digestible read, even amateur interior designers can find the courage and inspiration to carefully curate a home based on the world around us. Cotton, linen, cork and bamboo pioneer a style that is both visually pleasing and will sate those hungry to give a little more thought to the planet and how we exist within it.

Natural Living Style by Selina Lake. An industrial style office featuring a trestle table, metals storage boxes, large typographic decorative items and an old wooden chair.

In the final chapter of the book, Lake even gives her rich views on how to translate these tips into the garden, from growing fresh veg and herbs to attracting the right wildlife and encouraging an environmental consciousness we all need to adopt. This book is a real treat for any fans of upcycling, found thrift store items and of making the most of the natural gifts available to make your living space a true ode to the outdoors.

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  • Firstly, huge props to Rachel on the photography! The detail in that home office shot is unbelievable, I can almost feel the texture on that desk!

    We have been keeping a close any on 2020 interior trends this year and have to say that natural living style is going to be a dark horse. The Pantone Colour of the Year has had almost zero impact on the home decor industry. Farrow and Ball have not released any new colours as part of the 2020 launch, and the theme seems to very much be on prominent Greens and classic tones of grey, most darker Greys.

    Here at Cookie And Porter we sell printable wall art, inspired by Scandinavian design with a focus on minimal and clean aesthetic.

    Another excellent post by Stacey, we can’t wait to see what comes next from The Design Sheppard!

    Cookie And Porter