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Natural materials is not a new trend I’m predicting by any means, however it is a strong trend at the moment so I figured it deserves its own post. I kind of covered it a little in my post about the Global Nomad trend, but the trend for natural materials in interiors could stand on its own two feet without having the global and ethnic inspiration found in Global Nomad.

The natural materials trend focuses on the use of tactile materials like rattan, bamboo, seagrass, and cork. These materials all have an honesty authenticity that we as human beings find naturally seductive. It’s probably something to do with our primal need to feel connected to nature.

In our modern society, we rely so heavily on digital representations of life that we risk losing touch with nature. This has been proven to have a detrimental effect on our health and well-being and can probably explain the growing need we feel to surround ourselves with nature at home. We’ve already seen it in the trend for plants and greenery in our homes and this trend for incorporating more natural materials into our homes is part and parcel of the same movement.

Natural materials and textures help us to create a more holistic and calming environment that helps to improve our well-being. Nature inspired hues such as earthy browns and deep greens help to bring a touch of the outdoors in. This leaning towards earthy colours was very strong at the Milan Furniture Fair this year.

There is also an environmental factor here as these natural materials are also more sustainable and do less damage to our environment. As people become more and more aware of the harm caused by materials like plastic, we are witnessing a strong desire to choose materials that are easy to replenish, recycle and reuse.

Here I’ve picked out just a few products that have caught my eye recently.

Trend for natural materials in interior design


1. Normandy Rattan Painted Luxury French Bed from The French Bedroom Company
2. Bamboo Oval Mirror from Abode Living
3. Bloomingville Natural Bamboo Pendant Light from Trouva
4. Lene Bjerre Ailia Table Lamp from Sweetpea and Willow
5. Corkframe Cork Message Board from Utility Design
6. Round Rattan Coffee Table from Out There Interiors
7. Algarve Pendant Light from NOXU Home
8. House Doctor Natural Rattan Sofa from OVO Home

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