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Rattan Interiors, The MIMA Collection of rattan furniture by JOHN EADON

MIMA Collection of rattan furniture by John Eadon

You’d have to be living on another planet if you haven’t noticed the trend for rattan interiors that seems to be everywhere right now. I wrote about the trend for natural materials in the home a little over two years ago now and since then this trend has only got stronger. Pretty much every big name interiors retailer has brought out a range of rattan or cane furniture so it’s now incredibly easy to incorporate this trend into your home should you wish to adopt it.

The Nest Hocker Cane-Line from

The Nest Hocker Cane-Line from

I personally have fallen head over heal for rattan furniture and it has me wanting to completely change out my own home and start from scratch, particularly in my bedroom and living room. There is just something so, well, natural about this material. Just looking at it makes me want to reach out a hand and touch it, even on screen.

Rattan Interiors - The Liana Wardrobe Natural Cane And Ash from

The Liana Wardrobe in Natural Cane And Ash from (affiliate)

I’m particularly obsessed with rattan shelving at the moment and have spent many an hour trawling the web in search of the perfect miniature wall shelf to house my plants. If you know of any, please do let me know because all the ones I have found are too big.

The Nedgis Suspension Bird light from TINE K HOME

The TINE K HOME Suspension Bird light from Negdis

I just really love the tactility, honesty and authenticity of rattan interiors. I feel like imperfect finishes are where it’s at. I know that rattan has an affiliation with the 1970s but the way it is being used right now is a new fresh take on the material.

I have rounded up some of my favourite products that you can use to create rattan interiors. You obviously don’t want to go overboard and choose everything in this material, but a few bits in the room will really help to ground the space and bring that feeling of nature inside.

10 great products for Rattan interiors


  1. Spiral Shell Shaped Rattan Ceiling Light by Rockett St George
  2. Cult Home Sunburst Cane Wall Mirror Natural by Cult Furniture
  3. Natural Rattan Side Table by Ella James
  4. Emmy Cane Chair by Beaumonde
  5. Rattan & Brass Table Lamp by Rose & Grey
  6. Cozy Living Queen Rattan Room Divider by Cuckooland (affiliate)
  7. Bardot Webbed Alcove Cabinet by Rose & Grey
  8. Mina Rattan Basket by Sweetpea & Willow
  9. Hazel Natural Rattan Coffee Table by Habitat (affiliate)
  10. House Doctor Coon Sofa In Natural Rattan by Lagoon

So how do you feel about rattan interiors? Is this just a throwback to the seventies that you would rather avoid or have you too jumped on the rattan bandwagon? Let me know in the comments below and please share any of your own favourite rattan interior finds.

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