Original Style’s Interior Trends for 2021

Today, I want to share some really lovely interior trends for 2021 with you that have been curated by the team over at Original Style. Every year, their in-house designers work closely with interior experts to forecast upcoming interior trends, colour schemes and styles.

2020 was a really tough year for so many industries, but when it comes to interiors, I think our industry has been quite lucky. Over the past year, it homeowners have spent an inordinate amount of time at home and that has encouraged them to invest more heavily in their home and spend more money on things that bring them joy.  

Without being able to do all the things that we normally enjoy, such as eating out, going to events, seeing friends and family, playing team sports and travelling etc, our lifestyles have altered dramatically and this has had a huge impact on how we use the spaces within our homes.

Original Style’s interior trends for 2021 consider the changes in how we use our homes and looks at how we can create spaces that establish calm, evoke motivation and brings contentment.

So let’s take a look at these three interior trends for 2021.


This trend is all about bringing that holiday feeling into our homes and takes inspiration from vacations and holiday destinations. Blue is a key colourway here as it is typically associated with coastal holidays. The design team recommends we embrace soft, sky-like pastels and deep jewel-like blues, to emulate the feeling of freedom and relaxation that holidays bring.

“The best way to embrace this trend is to think of your favourite holiday locations or coastal-inspired retreats and look at the colours, textures and materials that embody these memories and bring them into your home.
Beaches and coastal locations epitomise many of our vacations so a great way of embracing the staycation trend is to look at bringing a range of different blues into the home that personify the natural hues of the sea and sky. Team with fresh whites and subtle greys to create a seamless coastal-inspired colour palette” 

Jane Addis, New Products and Design Manager at Original Style.
Interiors Trends for 2021- Staycation - Original Style Mood Board showing blue and white tiles, a ceramic scallop shell and some blue rope


The sanctuary trend brings serenity into the home by adding neutral, warm tones, soft pinks and a calm Scandinavian-inspired style. These muted, natural elements are perfect for creating a haven at home.

Interiors Trends for 2021- Sanctuary - Original Style Mood Board showing beige tiles, a small textured vase and some pampas grass

More than ever before, our homes are becoming vital places of sanctuary and there’s a growing need to create isolated spaces for us to unwind in – especially with our homes also becoming places of work, school and refuge.”

Jane Addis, New Products and Design Manager at Original Style.

Materials such as wood, rattan and wicker naturally provide warmth and incorporate texture into a space. The design team suggests mixing matt tiles with glossy glazes or natural shell to achieve a tranquil yet luxurious look. Alternatively, you can opt for a delicate patterned tile such as Malmo from Original Style’s Living collection or the Winchester Fabrique collection to add intrigue and detail. These tiles look especially stunning in bathroom settings to create a real spa-like, cosy style.

Home Hub

With so many of us having to work from home and homeschool our children again this year, our lifestyles and homes have had to adapt. We need to examine how the spaces in our homes work and how we can create a working environment that motivates and inspires us whilst not impacting other areas of the home or family.

Greens, browns and earthy tones are great for achieving the perfect Home Hub vibe. Muted greens and bolder shades both work well with neutral tones of brown and cream. Heritage tiles from Original Style’s Artworks and Winchester Collections are perfect for this, from rich Victorian greens to muted mint and sage.

“Featuring lush and leafy designs printed on a large-format matt base, Original Style’s Living Eden tile range encompasses the natural, contemporary vibe of Home Hub perfectly.”

Becca Keenan, New Products Designer at Original Style.
Interiors Trends for 2021 - Home Hub - Original Style Mood Board showing green tiles, pencil,scissors and string

So what do you think of these interior trends for 2021? Do they sound like something you’d want to adopt for your home? They really speak to me and I think with the way the world is at the moment, all of these trends will be very appealing to homeowners. Which one is your favourite? I’m struggling to choose.

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