13 Unique Homeware Gifts for Mother’s Day

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Mountainscape large tapestry quilt by ExcellQuiltCo on Etsy (affiliate)

Today I am rounding up some great homeware gifts for Mother’s Day. I don’t normally do many gift guides and I don’t focus overly on seasonal content either but after the year we have had I feel like Mother’s Day is significant this year. I mean we should be celebrating our mothers and showing our appreciation every year, but 2021 seems to hold more weight.

Mums have had a lot of extra responsibility this past year thanks to the pandemic. Homeschooling has been a monumental task for those who have children, especially if they are also trying to hold down one or more jobs at the same time. Add to that the responsibility for everyone’s mental health in the family and it’s easy to see why mums have been under so much pressure.

Even if mums don’t have young children to look after and maybe have older children or adult children, it’s still been a tough year as so many find themselves isolated and unable to spend time with loved ones. The lack of hugs and physical contact is really starting to take it’s toll after almost a year. Without physical ways to show our love and appreciation for one another, it’s even more important to find other ways to show people just how much we love and miss them.

So this year, I urge you to take the time to really put some thought into Mother’s Day. Don’t just brush it under the carpet or forget and make a last-minute dash to the petrol station to pick up flowers. I’m afraid that just won’t cut it this year.

I’ve rounded-up some of my favourite homeware gifts for Mother’s Day from Etsy (Affiliate) as I think it’s really important that we all try to support small independent businesses and making during this extremely tough economic situation. And I’ve also included some pricier items. Not everyone is suffering financially right now and some people do have the budget for larger, more expensive gifts.

Modern 500 piece Jungle Paradise Jigsaw by Jiggysaw on Etsy (affiliate)
Geometric wallhanging from Studionom on Etsy (affiliate)
Two Toned Gray and Blue Mountain Dip Dyed Fiber Art Wall Hanging by FibreArtsbyEm on Etsy (affiliate)
Modern ceramic espresso cups by One and Many on Etsy (affiliate)

So what do you think of my selection of homewares gifts for Mother’s Day this year? Have you spotted anything your mum might like? If anyone reading knows my husband, please forward him this post! Thank you!

13 Unique Homeware gifts for Mother's Day

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