Luxury Eco-Conscious Scented Candles from Swoon Worthy Scents

Disclosure: I received a sample candle from Swoon Worthy Scents before the official launch.

Into the Wild luxury eco-conscious scented candles by Swoon Worthy Scents sat atop a book on a sideboard with a plant behind and a wick trimmer in front.

Swoon Worthy Scents – No. 04 Into the Wild Candle

This is such an exciting post to write. Swoon Worthy Scents is a brand new range of luxury eco-conscious scented candles on the market and they are divine. I am not exaggerating here, they are the best scented candles I have ever had the joy of burning. And I have tried a lot of them. For full transparency, this is not an advert but Kimberly is a very good friend of mine. But that is beside the point because Swoon Worthy Scents deserves every single bit of praise I am going to give here.

Kimberly Duran of Swoon Worthy Scents in her kitchen with her signature collection of luxury eco-conscious scented candles

Kimberly Duran, Founder of Swoon Worthy Scents, hand pours her signature collection of luxury eco-conscious scented candles in her kitchen in Shropshire.

I have been on this journey with Kimberly, who is the multi-award-winning blogger behind Swoon Worthy, since she first had the tiny spark of an idea to create her own signature range of luxury eco-conscious scented candles. I have watched her brainstorm this, plan every detail, hunt down suppliers, source all the components, undertake hundreds of hours of diligent testing and finally launch the collection. It has been utterly amazing to watch this process from start to finish and I honestly couldn’t be prouder.

Whilst I knew that this candle range would be beautifully designed, look fabulous and be of the highest quality, I was a little worried that I may not actually like the scents. Prior to experiencing Swoon Worthy Scents, I had been unable to find a scented candle that didn’t repulse me, give me a headache or a sore throat or make me feel like I was suffocating or about to have an asthma attack. But as soon as I received my first candle I was so relieved that it not only lived up to my expectations but surpassed them.

Swoon Worthy Scents – No 04 Into the Wild Candle

I am very particular about scent so I’m a very hard nut to crack. Basically, I don’t like anything too floral or too sweet, or too overpowering. I prefer my scents to be quite masculine and quite earthy. So when Kimberly told me about No. 04 Into the Wild I knew that of all five scents this was the one that sounded like the best match and the one I was most excited to try. And it did not disappoint.

With top notes of bergamot and lemon peel, middle notes of fir needle and vetiver and base notes of cedarwood and musk, this scent catapulted me right out into the forest. Isn’t it just amazing how our senses have that power? They can take us somewhere else instantly and bring back so many forgotten memories or feelings, stopping us in our tracks.

“Scent is such a powerful thing. It connects us emotionally to the stories in our lives, no matter how much time has passed. And so, each candle I’ve developed has special significance to me, a reminder of a memory, a feeling I had, the joy it brought to me. I think after the last year, we all need that little bit of extra light in the world, a reminder of past good times and those that are yet to come.”

Kimberly Duran, Founder of Swoon Worthy Scents

Swoon Worthy Scents – No. 01 First Light Candle

First Light, luxury eco-conscious scented candles by Swoon Worthy Scents on a chest of drawers next to a jewellry stand in the bedroom.

Swoon Worthy Scents – No. 01 First Light Candle

The packaging for these luxury eco-conscious scented candles is just so pretty too. The cardboard tube can totally be reused as a gorgeous pen holder or plant pot. I’ve got mine on my desk (I so miss my coworking space) and it looks great. What I also really loved was the little information card that came with it explaining how to get the best from my candle. I learnt so much. For example, I had no idea that you need to burn a candle for longer periods of time to avoid tunnelling. I didn’t know that you should trim the wick every time that you burn the candle. Or that using a metal lid to put out the candle stops it from smoking after you blow it out.

Swoon Worthy Scents – No. 02 Sunday Morning Candle

The signature collection contains five soy and coconut wax candles made from 100% plant-based wax, vegan-friendly dyes & fragrances. It is all wrapped up in eco-friendly packaging too. Each candle is poured by hand in Kimberly’s kitchen in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

This range really has been a labour of love. Kimberly has created it during one of the toughest years yet from an economic point of view. Like many of us, Kimberly had most of her income disappear practically overnight thanks to the global pandemic. So she took the opportunity to embark on this fabulous new venture.

“I started this new home fragrance business at the start of the first lockdown because with everything that was happening in the world around us, I needed to feel the sense of calm and delight I had when I made and burned my own candles. It was something I’ve done for quite a few years now and what struck me was how much I wanted to share that delight with others.”

Kimberly Duran, Founder of Swoon Worthy Scents
Racing Hearts, luxury eco-conscious scented candles by Swoon Worthy Scents on a chest of drawers in front of artwork and a photo of a couple.
Racing Hearts, luxury eco-conscious scented candles by Swoon Worthy Scents on a chest of drawers in front of artwork and a bottle of perfume.

Swoon Worthy Scents – No. 03 Racing Hearts

I’ve spoken a lot recently about the importance of creating multi-sensory experiences in our homes. I usually focus on texture, but scent is equally important to the success of sensory spaces that are good for our wellbeing, something which Kimberly deeply understands.

“I’ve been sharing my love of home for more than a decade now and I’ve always found it difficult to convey the importance of a beautiful scent in a room – it’s that additional element beyond that which we can touch or see that really defines our spaces and makes us feel relaxed or invigorated, calm or inspired.”

Kimberly Duran, Founder of Swoon Worthy Scents

Swoon Worthy Scents – No 5. Waterfall

“Scent brings us back to our roots or gets us excited for the future. It has a way of transporting us or making us feel like we were always meant to be right here, right now. Everyone has a story to share and through these candles I’ve finally found a way of sharing that experience and connecting to others through this signature collection.”

Kimberly Duran, Founder of Swoon Worthy Scents

These beautiful candles make great gifts either for loved ones or for yourself. A little bit of luxury when you need to spoil yourself. And we all need that right now, don’t we? And don’t forget Mother’s Day is coming up.

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