Book Review : Bohemian Style at Home

I was sent a review copy of this book by the publisher.

Bohemian style is something that I’ve never really got to grips with but I think that is probably because I have never fully understood the concept.  What exactly is bohemian style?  I almost feel like I need a guide to help me come to terms with this style as it seems to be increasingly popular these days.

The book cover of Bohemian style at home by Kate Young

Lucky for me and for readers like me, Thames & Hudson has released a new book, Bohemian Style at Home, which is a masterful guide to the rule-breaking fashion trend written by freelance interior stylist and blogger Kate Young.  In this impressive guide, Young has not only answers my initial question, but then she regales the reader with a step-by-step analysis of how you can translate this style into the home.


As the book reads, ”Bohemian style is characterised by free-flowing fabrics, bright colours and a multitude of clashing patterns”.  This style has evolved through time and space to become a movement synonymous with freedom, fun and relaxation across the globe.  It encompasses the vintage style of the 60s and 70s and draws in elements of Scandinavian design, industrial, luxe and monochrome.  It covers every facet of the home from lighting to art to plants and foliage, and all coalesce into a supremely distinctive and recognisable style that sets itself apart in the world of interiors.

Young’s book serves to guide you through the house, room by room with accompanying visuals to help you achieve the look in the most accessible and achievable way possible.  Sections on colour, placement and how to find your pieces on a shoestring budget make this book a truly inspirational stand out offering in the world of interior design.

Have you mastered Bohemian style in your home? Or do you need this book to help you get to grips with this particular style?

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