Easy Living

Easy Living is a modular washing machine
Easy Living is a modular washing machine

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve needed to do washing but haven’t had enough to make up a full load of either coloured or white washing.

One design that could go a long way in solving this is called Easy Living, a concept which was conceived by French designer David Genin as part of this year’s James Dyson Award.

Easy Living is a perfect concept for those who want to do their washing individually. The system comprises a single wall unit that has three separate, detachable pods, ideal for when you want to do two or more loads of washing simultaneously.

It also offers an advantage for families or house-sharers in that the pods can be removed and used in individual rooms, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. They can be used to store dirty washing and when full they can be hooked up to the base unit.

And because each of the four drums is relatively small, the appliance uses less water and takes less time, therefore saving energy as well as space. Genius!

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