Artwork Inspired by Travel, Nature & Architecture

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Pink & yellow artwork inspired by Travel from Greenlili hung on a moss green living room wall above a leather sofa covered in pink & yellow throws and cushions

Today we shall be taking a look at this exquisite artwork inspired by travel, nature and architecture from Greenlili. As you know, I’ve been on a real journey over the years when it comes to artwork and I’ve written about this many times before. There was a time when I was so unsure of what I wanted to display on my walls, that I just didn’t display any at all. I wasn’t sure what I liked or whether I’d like it long enough to commit to putting it on my walls.

I worked through this and decided that typographic artwork was a safer bet because I love words and they won’t be affected by my transitory style preferences. Also, with typographic artwork, I could opt for simple black and white prints that would negate the need to make colour choices.

But as I’ve worked on my fear of colour over the years, mostly thanks to the many interviews I have done with applied colour psychology expert Karen Haller, (This one is a super interesting video interview about her book), I’ve definitely become more experimental and adventurous with artwork.

Pink & yellow artwork inspired by Travel from Greenlili hung on a moss green wall

As I’ve got older, I’ve also become more confident in my own decisions and I’m now at a place where I find it much easier to make choices that reflect my current design style. I’m ok with the fact that my design style might change and I can simply choose new artwork that better reflects my style at that time.

So I recently decided to switch out the artwork in my living room for something a bit more impactful and bold. After the little autumn makeover I did with Habitat a few weeks ago, I was left feeling a bit flat about my artwork. So I have partnered up with Green Lili to inject some more personality into my living room. And I think you’ll agree it packs much more of a punch now. (The smaller A4 prints are not from Greenlili. They are ones I already owned).

I was attracted to Green Lili because I love their artwork inspired by travel, nature and architecture. I love abstract art too. And also the colour palette that the artwork comes in really appeals to me. It was so easy for me to choose my new artwork because there was just so many options that I love and that would work in my home.

As I was so impressed with Green Lili and people always ask me for recommendations of where to buy great art, I thought I’d do an interview with the founder Michelle so you can hear more about the company, Michelle’s approach to artwork, her inspiration and her interior design style.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

Michelle founder of Greenlili, sat in an upholstered pink bench seat with botanical wallpaper behind

I’m Michelle. I am a digital artist based in Sheffield. I love to get outdoors and into nature. I’m a plant lover, slowly building an indoor jungle in my home. I try to take a laid back approach to life and appreciate slowing down. I love to travel. All of these things are a huge source of inspiration for my artwork, and allow me the time to be creative.

After several years of working in the graphic design industry and learning how to paint and draw digitally, I dipped my toes into digital art and it’s here that I really found my passion. In 2015, I co-founded the brand Green Lili.

How did you first become interested in graphic design?

From a young age I’ve always had a huge passion for art and design. I think it was at art college when I was first introduced to Photoshop and my mind was blown! From there I went on to study Graphic Design at university and my first real job was creating licensed posters for popular movies and music. This gave me the skills and allowed me to experiment with new ideas and techniques which are evident in many of my collections today.

Abstract artwork inspired by Travel from Greenlili hung on a brick wall above a dining table

Image by @placefortyeight

How did Green Lili come about and can you explain the name?

The idea of being able to combine my love of nature, travel and interior design all into one was always a dream of mine. I really believe in the power of art to help lift the mood and spirit and there’s no better place to start than your home – to create an environment where you can feel good, be creative and enjoy spending time.

I started with a small collection of abstract prints and after some early success with a major retailer and several magazines, I decided to take the leap and start my own brand. So in 2015 Green Lili was born.

Since we launched we have evolved into so much more. We’re a small team of three and are lucky to have created a lifestyle where we can travel and draw inspiration from different cultures and interiors along the way, to share these experiences through art and designed goods with people all over the world.

The name Green Lili – really everything kept coming back to our love of plants and nature. Living in Sheffield – the green city. It’s always been my favourite colour, I love to work in earthy tones.

Abstract artwork inspired by Travel from Greenlili hung on a bedroom wall beside a bed.

Image credit : @helloimaubs

Your artwork is inspired by your love of nature and travel. Can you tell us more?

Last year, we spent a few months exploring Southern California which proved to be an endless source of inspiration. From desert landscapes in Joshua Tree to tropical sunsets and palm trees in San Diego. Morocco is also another big influence. All of these places play a special part in our collections either directly in the art and style or indirectly through form and colour in my abstract pieces.

I think as an artist it’s a must to get out there and visit different places to keep things fresh and ideas flowing. Sometimes just taking a walk out into nature can spark something, even if it’s not directly related to your surroundings. We are lucky to live right next to the Peak District which has been a great source of inspiration this year and has helped to declutter the mind and refocus.

Abstract artwork inspired by Travel from Greenlili hung on a white wall behind a dining table

Image credit: George Clarke’s Ugly House to Lovely House

You also share my love of interiors. What is your interior design style?

I think it’s important to create a happy, natural home. Full of light to boost the mood. A space where you both feel creative and inspired, but can slow down and enjoy spending time in. I love a modern, bohemian style full of texture and earthy tones, with rustic, raw materials; concrete, wood, tiles. Organic fabrics, linen throws and cushions for ultimate comfort. Not forgetting plants – lots and lots of plants!

Abstract artwork inspired by Travel from Greenlili hung on a white wall in a hallway

Image Credit : @mishkashoe

Choosing artwork for your home can be quite a difficult decision. What are your tips?

I’m a strong believer that art can bring positive energy and personality into day-to-day life. Try to create a feeling and set the mood for your space, whether that’s calming abstract paintings for the bedroom or bright, fun pieces for sociable areas like a kitchen/diner.

Bring nature in where you can as botanical art can have many of the same benefits of house plants. All in all, I would take your time, don’t overthink it and be confident with your choices. Collect meaningful pieces that you love. Choose what makes you feel good and puts a smile on your face every day.

Botanical artwork inspired by Travel from Greenlili hung on a white and pink wall above a wooden bench covered in plant pots

Image credit : @my.interior.tales

Which are your favourite designs from your collection?

I love the feeling of escapism and always enjoy painting big, tropical palms – banana and monstera leaves from our botanical collection are firm favourites. Plus they’re reminiscent of trips to sunnier climes.

My love of art also draws me to minimal, abstract paintings. I find it so interesting how they can make you feel and be interpreted in so many different ways. They look awesome oversized too – a particular favourite being ‘Top of the World’ which has created a bit of a buzz on Instagram. I’m currently working on some new abstract pieces, which I’m super excited to release.

Botanical artwork inspired by Travel from Greenlili hung on a grey living room wall avove an ocassional chair and surrounded by plants

Image credit : @dazzle_at_home

Any exciting plans for the future?

We plan to continue building the Green Lili brand and offer a wider range of home and lifestyle products with an emphasis on the slow life, introducing more items that encourage people to slow down and feel good. To gather research and inspiration for this we feel another big adventure is definitely in the pipeline – as soon as we’re able to!

So what do you think? Are you loving Michelle’s artwork inspired by travel, nature and architecture as much as me? Could you see some of her pieces in your home? I definitely recommend you head over to her website to see the selection on offer. And so let me know if you decide to invest in some for your own home. I’d love to see what you go for.

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