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Gothenburg printed map posters by Mapiful

I have become somewhat obsessed with artwork and prints at the moment. I’m currently creating a gallery wall in my bedroom which is so long overdue but it’s almost complete now and I can’t wait to get it finished. As I’ve probably explained before, I am super picky about artwork. If it’s going up in my home, it has to be something I won’t get bored of and something that really resonates with me, otherwise it’s a no go. I love typographic prints and more abstract artwork, nothing too busy. I also have a bit of a thing for maps, like the hand drawn map of Paris by Jenni Sparks for Evermade that is currently hanging in my bedroom. But they have to be contemporary maps not those vintage looking ones. And the maps have to feature places that mean something to me otherwise I’m not interested. So when I discovered the map posters by Mapiful I knew straight away that these are right up my street.

Mapiful Paris map posters

I love the minimal monochrome design of these map posters and the fact that they would fit into most interior design schemes. But the best thing about them is the fact that you can choose from any place in the world and design your own unique map poster. Normally, when buying map artwork you are limited to major cities like Paris, Berlin, London and New York, but with Mapiful you can simply type in any location around the world, no matter how small or quaint and a map will be created for you. So you could choose your hometown, your favourite city, your favourite holiday destination, the place you met your partner or any other place that holds special memories for you.

Mapiful Lindome map posters

Having settled on a location, you can then personalise your map poster by zooming in or out or refocusing the area that is displayed. And there is also the option to enter your own text in place of the text that comes up when your print is displayed. So you don’t have to keep the co-ordinates for example, you could replace them with a personal message instead. Once you have personalised your map (or not – you don’t have to make any changes to the text) you can choose from four different layout designs and four different sizes of print. You can also change the orientation from portrait to landscape if you want to. And that’s it! All that is left is to place your order. What do you think of these map posters?

Mapiful Honolulu map posters

Mapiful Honolulu map posters closeup

Mapiful Lindome map posters

Mapiful Glasgow map posters

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