10 Inspiring Ideas to Help You Unlock Your Spare Room’s Potential

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A bedroom in pastel colours with rattan lights hanging down on either side above the bedside tables

Caro Bed from Furniture And Choice would transform your spare room into a great guest bedroom

One of the drawbacks of our small flat is that we don’t have a spare room. I would absolutely love to have a spare room because to me that gives a home so much more flexibility. You can do anything you want with it! All that spare space, all that potential – it’s the dream for the modern homeowner! But when it comes down to it, many people struggle to choose just one way to use the space. All too often a spare room can simply turn into a space where you put everything that has no defined place in your home. It can quickly turn into a junk room.

A spare room needs careful planning if you are to fully unlock its potential. You simply need to work out what would be the best use of the space for you and your family at the moment. Today I am sharing a few questions that might just spark some inspiration.

Do You Host a Lot of Guests?

A foldaway bed in the spare room to change it into a guest bedroom

Slumberbox Pull Out Guest Bed from Loaf

If you have lots of people coming to stay, the most obvious thing to do with your spare room is to turn it into a guest bedroom. All you need is a bed, two bedside tables, a dresser, and a mirror. Then you have a guest room anyone staying over will be happy to kip in! It really is that simple, but you can put anything else you like in there just to make it a bit more cosy. 

A spare bedroom can also be a multifunctional space when you need it to be. Adding a foldaway bed that can be pulled out when needed and packed away when you don’t have guests will enable you to use the room for other activities such as watching TV away from your partner, or working on your own projects for example.

Are You Very Creative?

Paint brushes and artist's drawing pads on the floor of a studio in a spare room

Creative people need a room that can act as a studio. This is where the power of having a spare room really comes into its own! Whether you’re an artist who loves using paints, or you’ve got a potter’s wheel and nowhere to put all your vases, you can redesign the space to suit you. 

The first thing to do is ensure you’ve got a good amount of light in your studio. If there’s only a small window, you may want to get it ripped out and replaced by something bigger. Otherwise, you’re good to go! Just decorate in the manner that makes you feel most creative and then set up your equipment where it’s easy to reach.

Do You Like Video Games?

A spare room decorated with a star wars theme and used for gaming

Star Wars Gaming Room from Dunelm

If you think gaming as a hobby is a pretty easy one to find a home for, this is where you’ll really prove yourself wrong! 

For big gamers, it’s easy to run out of room to store items like your games, your consoles, keyboards and their accompaniments, or your headsets and microphones. Similarly, you’re not really going to have anywhere to put up the RGB lighting you’d love to use. 

So, move it into your spare room. Buy yourself a comfortable bean bag to sit on, or invest in a proper gaming desk and finally put your dream setup together. And if your partner loves to game too, you have a whole room to make use of – build them a setup on the other side!

Are You into Fitness?

A spare room set up as a home gym

Transform your garden room into a home gym

If you like to workout, and you’ve always wanted a home gym to make good use of, you can convert the room into a mini fitness space. You can put whatever equipment you like in here, such as an elliptical, a treadmill, or a set of dumbbells. You can then line the floor with rubber mats and fit a couple of floor-length mirrors on the walls. 

This way you’ll protect the floor under all the strenuous activity you’re doing and you’ll be able to see your form as you workout from all sides. It’s such a simple renovation you can get it done in a day and a half! If you like, you can even put a water cooler in there to make your breaks between sets even more refreshing.

Do You Work From Home?

A home office in the spare room

Modular home office desk with storage from Shelved (affiliate)

If you work from home, a spare room would make a great home office. This is especially true if the spare is on the ground floor; you can easily bring in clients and business contacts for meetings in person. Just make sure the hallway is kept clean and you’ve decorated the room in brand-friendly colours

Once again, you’ll want a spacious desk here, but you’ll also want plenty of storage, such as bookcases and filing cabinets. You need an appropriate place to keep all of your important papers, files, and business data, and you don’t want to have to get out of your chair to reach any of it!

Are You a Big Reader?

A woman reading books on a sofa

Reading is a lovely pastime – we’d even go so far as to say that it’s completely underrated as well! But if you love to read, converting the spare room to be the perfect space to cosy up with a book is a great idea. 

The best thing to fit here is a reading nook near the window. This means you can enjoy all the weather has to offer whilst you’re slipping in and out of a wonderful fictional world. Or if you’re a fan of non-fiction, you’ll be able to absorb all the details of the book you’re reading while the sun shines or it storms outside. 

Make sure you can recline in such a position without craning your neck, and buy some intimate lighting to keep the pages illuminated well into the night.

Do You Watch a Lot of Movies?

A home cinema

LUXXU, Abu Dhabi Penthouse Home Cinema

Maybe you’re not a fan of reading. Maybe you’re a fan of bringing the page to the screen instead? If so, you can design your spare room to be a cinephile’s dream. If you’ve got the budget for it, you can buy a big screen and stereo system, but even just a projector and pull-down screen is going to fit the bill. 
You can also store your extensive DVD collection in here, or simply load up Netflix or Disney+ permanently. And if you’re really a fan of cinema, you can even paint a mural on the wall that features all of your favourite characters, movie posters, and taglines from over the years.

Are You a Fashion Lover?

A walk-in wardrobe

Sharps, Manhattan Walk-In Wardrobe

For people with big wardrobes and a love of playing around with their style, you can turn the spare room into a walk-in wardrobe without much trouble. You just need to buy some bespoke closet units, make sure there’s a good mirror and a fluffy rug to stand it on, and then get a plush chair fitted in the middle of it all. 

Voila! A walk-in wardrobe even a celebrity would be proud to own! And if you can move the wardrobe out of your bedroom, you’ll give yourself more space to play with in there as well. Maybe it’s time to fit a sofa, a hanging chair, or a dressing table in there instead?

Do the Kids Need a Place to Play?

A kids playroom

The Tidy Books Kids Wall Bookshelf

If you’re a parent, finding a place to keep all your child’s toys can be very difficult. And if you’re constantly tripping over or accidentally kicking figurines under the sofa, needs must! This means the spare room would be best turned into a playroom.

A playroom is the best thing for keeping kids entertained, and for maintaining a parent’s peace of mind. Buy some cubby holes and boxes, pull all the toys out of other rooms, like the living room and even their bedroom, and pop them all in the playroom out of the way.

Are You in Need of More Storage?

A simple storage room might sound like a cop-out, but it helps you to keep the rest of the house tidy, and give you more space in your own bedroom or kitchen as there’s another room dedicated to keeping things neat and tidy. 

Storage rooms are mostly made out of converted attics or empty garages, but even just a spare room upstairs next to the bathroom will work well. And make sure you use all the space; even fit rails on the ceiling!

Are You Ready to Makeover the Spare Room?

A spare room is a great thing to play around with. If you haven’t settled on a real use for the space yet, take your time and experiment! You don’t need to make any hard or fast decisions here; you can even just shove that bean bag in the room, put a console in front of it, and see if you like using the space that way! 

And an unused spare room is a waste of space anyway; remember this if you’re being cautious about settling on any of the ideas listed above. 

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