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bedroom moodboard dark blue, blush pink and copper accents

This summer we will have ticked at least two more home renovation projects off our to do list. We now have a large coat cupboard in our porch which has allowed us to rid the hallway of the majority of the clutter that used to accumulate there. It also gives my husband somewhere to hang his dry suit as it dries. He was hanging it on our bedroom door which used to scare the living daylights out of me as I would catch a glimpse of this dark figure lurking in the doorway every time I walked past.

We’re also mid way through a project to create a utility room in one of our outhouses. Plumbing and electrics are now done. I need to get on with the painting now before the room gets tiled at the end of the month. This has been something I’ve wanted to do since we first bought our flat in 2013 so it feels great to finally be making this a reality.

I promised myself that once these two jobs were done I’d give the home renovations a break for the rest of the year and I know I really should. For one thing I need to give my bank balance a bit of time to recover and I’m sure my husband would like a bit of time off too. But I just can’t seem to stop my mind from forging ahead with plans for the next project. And this time it’s the bedroom.

We started a makeover in 2014, just after we had our first daughter, but we never finished it. It only needs a few finishing touches really as it’s nearly there already. We desperately need a new bed. Ours is so old and knackered and seriously won’t hold out much longer. I’d really like a storage bed so we can store spare bedding inside and I fancy one with an upholstered headboard so I can feel like a proper grown-up.

We also need some new drawers. Our trusty IKEA Malm are on their way out too. Again I want something a bit more grown-up this time and not something that can be seen in every student bedroom around the country.

I’ve put together this little bedroom moodboard today as I was browsing for bits…again. I’m really not that good at visualising so popping everything in one place really helps me to see how these things will actually look. Admittedly, I don’t actually have space for all these things in our bedroom but they just looked so good together. So we won’t be getting the copper dressing table or hanging rail from sadly. I also don’t have space for that gorgeous pinboard from Oliver Bonas as all the wall space in the room is already taken up with artwork.

Our carpet is currently green as we couldn’t afford to change it when we moved in and haven’t had time to even think about it until now. As you can see a green carpet will absolutely not work with this look, so that’s another thing to add to the list of things we need to change…next year Stacey!!!

The main reason I wanted to put together this bedroom moodboard was to help me choose a bed. I’ve been looking at blue beds and pink beds, but I didn’t want to have to worry about those colours clashing with the walls and the bedding. I thought grey would be a good neutral option and turns out it does work well. So at least I can replace the bed this year before our one breaks completely!

What do you think of this bedroom moodboard? I know that moody blues, millennial pink and copper are all trends that are probably slowly on their way out, but I still love these colours together, especially for a bedroom. I tend to follow trends when I truly love them and I honestly don’t care if they go out of fashion or get replaced with the next big thing. If I love them, they stay!


*Products marked with an asterisk are affiliate links*

Semi Circle Linen Photo Pin Board from Oliver Bonas
Aura Pendant Shade in Navy & Copper from*
Gold & Navy Suede Wall Clock from Oliver Bonas
Indigo Polo Artwork from AttikoArt
ELDTÖREL Cushion cover from IKEA
Austin Wall Lamp in Copper from*
Charley Double Bed With Storage in Cool Grey from*
Alana Dressing Table in Copper from*
Alana Hanging Rail in Copper from*
Mateo Carved Wool Rug in Dusky Pink from*
Elona Chest of Drawers in Dusky Pink & Copper from*



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