Giveaway : 4ft6 Monte Carlo Ottoman Bed

Beds on Legs Monte Carlo Ottoman Bed

As Christmas is almost upon us, I thought it was time to do my last giveaway of 2017. Where on earth has this year gone? I swear it was just a few weeks ago that we finished our garden makeover. And now I’m just preparing to put the Christmas decorations up and get the tree out. It might seem a bit late to some people but we have lots of December birthdays in our family so I like to get them out the way before we launch into full on Christmas mode otherwise the birthday celebrations get a little overshadowed. So we’ll be decking the halls after this weekend. In the meantime though, I’ve got this fantastic giveaway for you guys and one lucky reader will be able to give their bedroom a fancy pants upgrade. A huge thanks goes out to the kind team over at Beds on Legs who have kindly provided this great prize for me to give away. So read on to find out what exactly you could win and how to enter.

Beds on Legs is an online retailer selling beds and mattresses. It was founded in Hull, East Yorkshire by the Harrison family in 1995. The business originally started as an Antique’s store but having found themselves with one bed and one mattress to sell, the direction of the company changed somewhat. Now Beds on Legs stocks an extensive range of beds from guest beds, 4ft beds, fabric beds and metal beds right through to storage solution ottoman beds. And an ottoman bed is exactly what we’re giving away!

Beds on Legs Monte Carlo Ottoman Bed with side opening storage

The Monte Carlo Ottoman Bed in Silver Grey Velvet is currently the best-selling bed for Beds on Legs and it’s pretty easy to see why. It is an elegant yet practical solution and perfect for those looking for additional storage. The ottoman base contains 24cm of storage with an easy lift action. That’s more than enough space for storing all your extra bedding or your out of season clothes when not in use. This is a great way of creating hidden storage in a small bedroom and making sure that all of your clutter stays out of sight.

Beds on Legs Monte Carlo Ottoman Bed 3

It comes with a luxurious floor standing Chesterfield button design headboard that can be put at either end of the bed, so on the side lift ottoman, the side lift can be opened either way. The gas lift pistons are already fitted, so the bed only requires light assembly which is an added bonus.

Beds on Legs Monte Carlo Ottoman Bed 2

This giveaway is for a 4 ft 6 Monte Carlo Ottoman Bed with Side Lift in Silver Grey Velvet worth £450 (the prize is non transferrable). So if you are looking to upgrade your bed this Christmas I suggest you get entering. As usual you can enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck everyone!


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219 Responses to Giveaway : 4ft6 Monte Carlo Ottoman Bed
  1. Jasmin Hussain Reply

    The luxury and comfort

  2. Caroline Signey Reply

    The storage space it’s great


    Wow! I love everything about this bed! Mine is almost 20 years old and certainly doesn’t have all that accessible space-That is soooooo perfect!

  4. Deborah Fraser Reply

    The bed is elegant and stylish.I especially like the lively headboard and, also that is has storage.

  5. Maria P Reply

    the storage space below it

  6. Chris Fletcher Reply

    I like it’s elegant styling, it looks really good!

  7. Donna W Reply

    The look of the bed is really classy and I love the huge amount of storage. This is great for storing seasonal clothes & shoes or spare bedding.

  8. hafeez dawodu Reply

    Soft and Comfy!

  9. Ioana Cristina Popescu Reply

    I love the fact that it has drawers and the beautiful colour and fabric.

  10. Mrs. M. E. Jones Reply

    I love the spacious hidden storage.

  11. Beatrice Benham Reply

    Under bed storage, perfect for a small space.

  12. Chevaune Stanley Reply

    That the storage is sealed yet still easily accessible, I have an old style bed with drawers on wheels that slide underneath. The don’t fit under the bed properly, so I am always banging my toes. There is not enough room for me to pull them out fully! And they collect dust! Perfect place to store my Christmas presents, decorations lights…and my tree would fit in there too!!

  13. jessica Reply

    i love how it looks so chic

  14. Beth Tuffey Reply

    Looks soo cosy :)

  15. Pamela Cooper Reply

    Great need a new bed

  16. Michelle lintern Reply

    Easy storage and easy access to it

  17. Andrea Lloyd Reply

    Style colour and storage space great bed

  18. nikki tucker Reply

    i’m loving the design, it looks so sleek.

  19. Pamela C Reply

    Fantastic prize! Get your beauty sleep in style!

  20. Keith Dixon Reply

    The hidden storage is brilliant!!

  21. Hannah Smith Reply

    It has so much storage underneath – great for everything I can’t fit in the cupboards!

  22. Karen Reply

    The storage space and the headboard

  23. becci cleary Reply

    The Storage – there is not enough space in this house for everything that we have!

  24. Julie Pannell Reply

    The storage is a brilliant design. To be able to store bedding underneath makes life easier when making a bed. I hate making the bed especially putting the quilt cover on.

  25. Sal Henry Reply

    Definitely the storage, just brilliant – and so really needed!

  26. Matt Brasier Reply

    The storage

  27. Nicola Jordan Reply

    I love the storage space, just what I need!

  28. Catherine Barton Reply

    You can never have too much storage…..I love it!

  29. Beverley Cousins Reply

    Apart from it being gorgeous and very stylish, the storage part would be amazing as i’ve got all my blankets folded up on the bottom of the bed which is so heavy won the legs when sleeping..Hubby never stops complaining, don’t know why he complains in the winter, it keeps him warm! lol

  30. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir Reply

    The Storage Space

  31. Gabrielle Powell Reply

    The headboard, it’s really pretty and looks comfortable for sitting and reading

  32. hannah wood Reply

    Has very light assembly

  33. Hazely Reply

    The extra storage space it gives with ease (fitted gas lift pistons ftw!)

  34. JULIE WARD Reply

    The storage, can never have to much, I think I need a de-clutter

  35. Colin Gault Reply

    The storage

  36. Herbert Appleby Reply

    I like the lifting action allowing for easy access to the whole storage area at once without needing to make space to pull out draws which also waist a lot of space.

  37. Clive H Reply

    Storage space!

  38. Jessica Barber Reply

    The storage! It would be so handy.

  39. Zoe Brown Reply

    has to be the storage really need it

  40. Amy Lambert Reply

    I love the headboard it looks so elegant

  41. Natalie White Reply

    The amazing amount of storage underneath it! :)

  42. A Doc Reply

    Super high headboard in a nice colour

  43. Gwyn Sharps Reply

    It looks very classy and elegant – I love the silver headboard which would match the theme of my room and the storage in fab too.

  44. Danielle Pooley Reply

    I love the idea of the storage

  45. Bev Cannar Reply

    The headboard our current bed you get neck ache if you sit up in bed…

  46. Stevie Reply

    I like the storage space for the spare/fresh bedding.

  47. Sioni Barnes Reply

    Ooooooo it looks so so comfy!! And that extra storage would come in so handy in my small place! Fingers crossed! Merry Christmas xx

  48. Rob Thorley Reply

    Storage is perfect

  49. Michelle Wild Reply

    The storage facility.

  50. Kay Reply

    I lover everything about it

  51. Demi Reply

    The headboard

  52. Kelly Duckworth Reply

    I love the design and colour – would fit perfectly into the bedroom I’ve choose for myself in my new house

  53. Susan Trubey Reply

    It looks very comfortable

  54. Karen Durrant Reply

    The large storage area and the high padded headboard

  55. vicki Reply

    The ease of getting to the storage, no more scrabling on the floor pulling our drawers

  56. elaine stokes Reply

    the extra storage

  57. Giacomino Parkinson Reply

    Interesting Two Separate Bed Option For Snorers.

  58. Gaby thurston Reply

    The storage for all my clothes. I hate clutter.

  59. jacqui rushton Reply

    The underbed storage, a real bonus!

  60. Hayley Colburn Reply

    All that storage space, our house, especially our bedroom, has no space whatsoever

  61. Joanna Emery Reply

    Love the head board 🎅🏻

  62. Andy Craig Reply

    Sure I\m not the first person to say the storage!

  63. Anthony Worth Reply

    Cracking bed with great storage, would love to win.

  64. lyn truman Reply

    Storage AND comfort!

  65. Mark Jowett Reply

    Under bed storage

  66. John Steele Reply

    The headboard.

  67. Ann Skamarauskas Reply

    love the fact that it only requires light assembly

  68. christine westlake Reply

    the storage capacity

  69. alice lightning Reply

    beautiful looking bed spacious , elegant and storage space always a bonus

  70. Lauren Stebbings Reply

    The storage space is fantastic and I love how cosy the bed looks.

  71. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog) Reply

    The storage space

  72. sarah davison Reply

    All of the storage space of course.

  73. Keith Hunt Reply

    Lots of space for winter kit

  74. Philip Thomas Boyle Reply

    Storage does it foe me . Plenty of space to hide the debris of my life.

  75. Kim Neville Reply

    I like the storage under the bed and it looks nice and tidy

  76. LORNA WILS Reply


  77. sallyanne rose Reply

    maximum storage

  78. Deborah Hambleton Reply

    The storage. I have so much stuff lying about i could hide it all under the bed!

  79. jenny reynolds Reply

    looks really comfortable and great storage space love it xxxxxx

  80. Robert Williams Reply

    Everything about it is fab.

  81. Sabine Bassler Reply

    Definitely the storage space, but I also love the head board.

  82. EJ Dunn Reply

    I love the large storage space. IT would be ideal for storing our bed linen.

  83. Wendy Guy Reply

    The storage space underneath is brilliant.

  84. Allan Fullarton Reply

    Storage space

  85. Margaret Glover Reply

    Love the colour and fantastic storage

  86. Ruth lee Reply

    The design and storage

  87. craig austin Reply

    The storage that it provides

  88. Christine Wilkinson Reply

    it has to be the perfect bed, totally gorgeous appealing looks, I would love to dream in this bed fit for a queen!

  89. AnnaS Reply

    I love This bed.Looks so stylish!xxx

  90. Sarah Heath Reply

    I love the headboard, looks so luxurious

  91. Joanna Ford Reply

    The storage that it provides

  92. Lauren Old Reply

    The headboard! It’s so lush!

  93. Robert Price Reply

    The storage space

  94. Constance Pearce-Romayne Reply

    Not only does it look fantastic, but it is great for storage! I follow the KonMari ideology so this would fit in so well! Plus my bedroom is white and silver!

  95. Amy Briscoe Reply

    My favourite featu is that you can store all your bedding underneath the bed and that would free up more chest of drawers space for clothes!!

  96. Ray Becker Reply

    practical handy storage

  97. Lucinda Fortune Reply

    The storage and the colour!

  98. Alastair Gillespie Reply

    Storage space

  99. Elisa Cartwright Reply

    It has great storage

  100. Kym Robson Reply

    The practical handy storage

  101. Alexandra A Reply

    My favourite thing about it is the headboard style & the silvery grey velvet material. The extra storage is just a bonus! x

  102. Jolanta K. Reply

    Looks fantastic and have a storage.

  103. Clare MacDonald Reply

    It is stylish and practical

  104. Sarah Austin Reply

    The practical storage and it looks very stylish!

  105. Adrian Knox Reply

    The fantastic storage it has underneath that is so easy to access

  106. Kristin Burdsall Reply

    The storage! My shoes are just chucked under my bed at the moment and its a pain to try to find a matching pair quickly

  107. carol boffey Reply

    lovely bed

  108. Joshua C. Reply

    The ottoman base with storage and the easy lift action.

  109. Kelly Goodall Reply

    It doesnt have springs sticking out

  110. Serena La Pietra Reply

    The under the bed storage is priceless, bedding takes up so much room.

  111. Anna Tuckett Reply

    The storage would definitely be a huge bonus.

  112. Kayleigh Whybrow Reply

    What isn’t there to love about this bed? From the bang on trend velvet to smart storage solutions – what a fab bed!

  113. Angie McDonald Reply

    I love the mattress that fits up!

  114. Sarah Ann Reply

    The storage space and the headboard.

  115. David Banner Reply

    The storage

  116. Harriet Reply

    How much storage there is.

  117. Robert Noble Reply

    I love the excellent storage space, this would be a great help in my home.

  118. Adam Irwin Reply

    would be nice to win

  119. Nikki Hayes Reply

    The large amount of storage space available :o)

  120. Rachel White Reply

    Brilliant for a room with limited storage .. looks great!

  121. melanie stirling Reply

    I like the storage the most,it would be wonderful.All our spare bedding etc,is in plastic boxes.

  122. Joy B Reply

    I love the amount of storage room you get with this bed.

  123. Karen Watt Reply

    Love the headboard and storage solution

  124. Eva Vida Reply

    I love the storage because it’s always useful :) Thank you for the chance.Merry Christmas!

  125. tee simpson Reply

    i love how much storage space it has

  126. Samantha H Reply

    Wow! Love the sleek and stylish design!

  127. Stephanie Reply

    Fantastic competition! It looks great and I love the headboard too

  128. Jessica Gipson Reply

    I’m in love with the storage space! Brilliant idea, love it!

  129. cate Reply

    What a brilliant giveaway! Someone will sleep well :)

  130. Emma Swift Reply

    So much storage! But it doesn’t look like ti would be too big and clunky either.

  131. Judy Kennedy Reply

    The Headboard has a glamourous look to it and grey is such a versaltile colour and very calming. It looks extremely inviting with the added bonus of storage.

  132. Graham Ross Reply

    What a fab prize to win, I love all the extra storage this bed can provide.

  133. Geraldine Reply

    What a great giveaway. Looks wonderful.

  134. Christina Curtis Reply

    It has to be the storage, I always struggle with storage! Looks Gorgeous and so Comfy!



  136. Lisa Hughes Reply

    I love the headboard – I’ve never had a bed with a headboard…I’m 44! lol! And obviously the storage underneath is a huge bonus.

  137. Lorna Ledger Reply

    The aesthetics, it really is stunning, contemporary, yet classic, love the storage too, it looks ‘sumptuous’ thanks for the chance – Merry Christmas x

  138. Mike Hodgson Reply

    The elegant styling which makes it stand out above other beds

  139. Don Jones Reply

    Very stylish and bags of storage

  140. Sue Hutchins Reply

    Love the style

  141. stacey turner Reply

    the colour is fab and would go great with my bedroom

  142. Kimberly Duran Reply

    What a fantastic giveaway! The bed is gorgeous! xx

  143. Jen Reply

    Great giveaway, I love all the extra storage this bed can provide.

  144. Karen Reply

    What a great bed – and I love the headboard! We had a storage bed back in our first flat and it was honestly a lifesaver for all of the junk we wanted to hideaway. Cracking prize for a giveaway hun x

  145. Carole King Reply

    It’s a beautiful bed Stacey. We have a high headboard like this at home and we love it.

  146. mia vine Reply

    the storage, we’re downsizing in the new year so this would be really useful

  147. Clara B Reply

    the storage looks fab

  148. Sally Collingwood Reply

    The mattress looks so comfy!!

  149. Stephanie Thomson Reply

    The colour is lovely

  150. Naila M Reply

    Love the headrest as well as the storage :)

  151. clair downham Reply

    it looks very cosy plus all the storage space

  152. Laura Parsons Reply

    It looks so stylish

  153. LUCY BARLOW Reply


  154. Paula Davies Reply

    The luxurious looking headboard

  155. Joanne smith Reply

    Look at that storage 😍 Great design

  156. Helen Stratton Reply

    The storage as we have small rooms and need help with storage.

  157. Nigel Soper Reply

    The storage is awesome and it looks good too

  158. anne murray Reply

    The storage under the bed.

  159. Michelle smith Reply

    I love that there is plenty of storage in the bed

  160. sarah rees Reply

    love the design and storage options

  161. Tony Jordan Reply

    Access to the storage, so much better than my old bed that you have to squeeze to get into the storage.

  162. Kerry Taylor Reply

    this would be handy for storage always need more

  163. Emmanuel Reply

    The headrest has a really nice pattern/material

  164. David Palmer Reply

    The novel way the under bed storage operates.

  165. Claire C Reply

    The easy access storage, I need more storage

  166. Sadiyya Maryam Reply

    The extra storage is such a bonus and it looks lovely too.

  167. Steve Dickinson Reply

    All the stuff I can hide inside it!

  168. Iona Cornish Reply

    The massive amount of hidden storage and the general style of the bed

  169. Lorraine Stone Reply

    I love the under bed storage, just can’t get enough storage!

  170. MANDY DOHERTY Reply

    Love the under bed storage, something I never seem to have enough of

  171. Andrea Fletcher Reply

    The amount of storage.

  172. Tina Watts Reply

    Wow this is lovely, would love to win it. The storage is fantastic.

  173. Cath English Reply

    I’m a bit of a tidy freak so all the storage in this bed would be amazing for me! A good place for snoring husbands too!

  174. Valerie Harbut Reply

    The thing I like best is the design – the Monte Carlo Ottoman bed proves it is possible to have style, comfort and practical storage all in one beautifully created bed.

  175. Joanne darnell Reply

    Looks good and great storage

  176. trevor griffiths Reply

    what a beautiful bed

  177. Nigel Soulsby Reply

    Great design for storage and great looking bed

  178. Kevin Honey Reply

    The Easy Lift Action

  179. Natasha R-M Reply

    I like the plush, opulent, comfortable, headboard along with the vast under-bed storage area which would be especially useful.

  180. Cynthia Walker Reply

    I like that the bed is so spacious, looks good, magnificent quality. Great prize to win, fingers crossed for a good night’s sleep

  181. S Chadwick Reply

    The great storage

  182. Liam Woodbine Reply

    All the storage space!

  183. Avs Reply

    Design and quality

  184. Trudy Reply

    The Monte Carlo Ottoman bed
    Has a stylish board to rest your head
    Storage space, Oh what a dream!
    To store my clothes and keep them clean
    I’d love a fancy pants upgrade
    And with Beds On Legs I’ll have it made
    With gas lift pistons, now that’s a treat
    Because lifting a bed is no mean feat.
    I love the colour a beautiful grey
    To win this bed would make my day
    And just the word Chesterfield makes me gleam
    Well it is a bed fit for a queen
    Well good luck everyone, I now depart
    And a happy Christmas to all from my heart. XX

  185. laura banks Reply

    the underbed storage


    The huge amount of storage

  187. Jenny Bohan Reply

    With the bonus of storage this bed has it all. Looks fab in plush velvet fabric. Would Love 💗 this very much if lucky 🍀 🙏

  188. Karl Foxley Reply

    I love the design, it would look brilliant in my home, I especially like he size of the headboard.

  189. Eliza Rychlowska Reply

    It’s very stylish! Love the colour too, I’m so into ent shade of grey these days 😍

  190. valerie cooper Reply

    Love the storage and lookscomfy

  191. jennifer hull Reply

    Live the design and quality…fabulous storage in our ever smaller houses….great idea…happy Christmas everyone🌲🌲🌲🌲🎅🎅🎅

  192. laura stewart Reply

    love the colour x

  193. kirsty webb Reply

    I love the idea of under bed storage.

  194. SUSAN JONES Reply


  195. Carolyn Collins Reply

    An excellent giveaway. Lovely to win a new bed.

  196. Sue Cook Reply

    Wonderful prize, our old bed is sagging a bit these days, much like myself.

  197. joanna butler-savage Reply

    it’s well designed and would look great in our bedroom

  198. Gill Kennett Reply

    Love the design and the storage is so useful

  199. Susan Reply

    Beautiful bed – storage a big bonus

  200. KATHY D Reply

    Looks comfy and how nice to have all your bedding kept together underneath

  201. Leanne Hansell Reply

    I like the storage space.

  202. T Brailey Reply

    Love the storage area. I have a little gap under my bed at the moment but it gets dusty. This storage area holds loads.

  203. Alice Dixon Reply

    Definitely that it has all that storage space

  204. AUSTIN MEESON Reply

    I love that the ottoman base contains 24cm of storage with an easy lift action. That’s more than enough space for storing.

  205. Solange Reply

    I love that the ottoman base contains 24cm of storage with an easy lift action. That’s more than enough space for storing.

  206. Victoria Thurgood Reply

    The storage

  207. Violet Phillippo Reply

    The storage is really good.

  208. Abbie M Reply

    I love how it has storage under the bed, its very handy for small rooms like mine!

  209. Max yorke Reply

    The under bed storage area

  210. Mel Reply

    I would love this.. it would make my storage alot more than I have now and help with my back please please please

  211. Jo Middleton Reply

    What an amazing competition! I can picture myself now, leant against that headboard, drinking a cup of tea :-)

  212. Julie Kenny Reply

    The storage looks fabulous – just what I need x

  213. Leila Benhamida Reply

    Love the capacity of the storage. The bed looks really comfortable

  214. Gwendolyn Jordan Reply

    I love the storage area

  215. Jennifer Bruce Reply

    I love the Chesterfield button design headboard

  216. frances hopkins Reply

    It looks so comfortable, plus the storage would be brilliant

  217. sam macaree Reply

    the storage is handy

  218. Tracy Hanley Reply

    I love all the storage it has, much needed in our house

  219. Collingwood Batchellor Reply

    This is a great giveaway, and with winter upon us there’s no better time to get a new bed!

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