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Steam Shower by Mr Steam

Still blogging about BlogTourCGN? I hear you ask. I’m afraid so. You see the problem with a BlogTour, as I’m sure all the other alumni will tell you, is that you cram so much into just a few short days that you end up coming back with more content than you know what to do with.

Anyway, today I wanted to talk about steam showers. Now this wasn’t really something that I’d thought much about before being introduced to BlogTour sponsor Mr Steam. For me a steam bath was something I did once in a blue moon when I was feeling a bit flush and treated myself to a spa experience. But it would seem that I am quite behind the times and these days people are actually bringing this spa experience into their bathrooms by installing a steam shower. And I hear it’s not as big job as you would imagine as you can simply locate a steam shower generator in a cabinet or in a cupboard in the bathroom. I wanted to find out more about so I spoke with Rupert Lowes who is Sales Manager for Mr Steam in the UK.

Steam rooms are normally confined to the spa. Why are people starting to want steam showers at home?

Steam rooms in peoples’ homes have been growing in popularity over the last 15 years taking the place of spa baths, which are time consuming and costly to use.

People are leading more and more hectic lives and 20 minutes in a steam room is an escape into a peaceful warming environment that will have positive affects on your life.

Can you tell us about the Mr. Steam HomeWizard Interface that links Steam Baths with Smart Home Technology?

The home wizard is an interactive system that enables you to activate your Mr Steam system from your iphone, ipad, android smart phone, desk top computer or home automation system, allowing you to have a relaxing steam bath waiting for when you arrive home.

Why should people consider investing in a steam shower and is it an affordable luxury?

A Steam bath would have a positive affect on your life by promoting relaxtion.

With the addition of aromasteam a whole world of aromatherapy opens up. The power of fragrances has been recognised for many centuries to stimulate, relax, and heal.

The cost of adding a steam bath into your home is far less expensive and more affordable in use than a spa bath or hot tub which would use a lot of water and power to heat.

Lighting effects have also developed with the introduction of new generation LED lights that offer flicker free colour transition.

Speakers fitted into the steam room will allow you the relax to your favourite music.

How developed is the market for steam showers here in the UK?

Nordic introduced Mr Steam to the UK in the mid 80’s and the market has continued to grow since then. The growth of day spas and hotels offering steam rooms has continued to introduce new people to the benefits of steam.

What are the main health benefits of steam?

A steam bath will help sooth tired muscles and hydrate skin. The steam will help breathing and promotes restful sleep.

Every Mr Steam system includes an aromasteam outlet steam head to enable the infusion of fragrance into the steam which will further enhance the steam experience.

Steam Therapy by Mr Steam

Is it true that steam showers have benefits for the environment as far as water consumption is concerned?

A typical steam bath session will use between 3 and 4 litres of water. When compared to a bath or shower the consumption is far less and the benefits are obvious.

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  • Great steam showers, my family had one of these installed about five years ago and it may perhaps do with modernizing,
    never get a mundane old common kind of shower ever again