BlogTourNYC 2012

BlogTourNYC 2012

This post about BlogTour is long overdue but I wanted to wait until I had more details before I actually announced it to the world, although I’m sure for many of you this will come as no surprise as there has already been so much buzz about it on Twitter.

It all started for me back in August, when my blog was nominated for a poll that was run by Modenus, the online hub for design enthusiasts and manufacturers of architectural and home design products. The poll asked the readers of Modenus to nominate their favourite interior design blogs. I was overwhelmed to find out that I had not only been nominated but that I was in the top ten. My blog was shortlisted along with some really amazing blogs that I have been reading and have been inspired by for years including,, Decor8, Design*Sponge, Apartment Therapy and Design Milk. I was even more surprised to learn that after voting closed I had come in the top 3 along with Hannah Coleman, another fantastic British blogger who blogs over at DreamwallStyle.

Modenus Interior Design Blog Poll
Image Courtesy of Modenus

 I was happy enough to have received such amazing recognition, but Hannah and I then found out that there was even more good news. Veronika at Modenus had come up with an absolutely fabulous idea that would allow bloggers like myself access to some of the most amazing design shows and events around the world.

BlogTour is a sponsored event where a select group of design and lifestyle bloggers is invited to join Modenus on a five-day trip to an international design destination. The bloggers then blog, tweet, post on Facebook, Pinterest, Instgram, and any other social platform they may be using so that their readers can experience these major design events as well. The idea is to generate a huge buzz for all involved: event organisers, sponsors, bloggers and of course Modenus.

The first BlogTour took place in September when Modenus brought a group of American and Canadian bloggers over to London Design Week. The next BlogTour is taking place in March and I am extremely happy to announce that Hannah and I, because we won the poll, will be taking part along with a fantastic group of bloggers from the UK and US, which includes:

Andrew Dunning – APD Interiors
Arianna Trapani – Arianna Interiors
Carole King – Dear Designer
Cecy Brooks – CECY j
David John – You Have Been Here Sometime
Emily Peck – ACHICA Living
Kate Baxter – The Fabric Of My Life
Katie Treggiden – Confessions of a Design Geek
Kelly Morisseau – Kelly’s Kitchen Sync
Marilyn Russell-Grant – Design Magnifique
Pippa Jameson – Pippa Jameson Interiors
Toma Clark Haines – The Antiques Diva
Will Taylor – Bright Bazaar

And the good news is……BlogTour is taking us to New York City!!!!!

Brooklyn Bridge

Image: Destination360 Brooklyn Bridge

Thanks to the fantastic BlogTour Sponsors : Blanco America, Du Verre Hardware, Miele USA, Poggenpohl US, Samuel Heath, Scholtes America and Spirit of Sports we will be flying out to New York in March to report live from the Architectural Digest Home Design Show 

Architectural Digest Home Design Show

We will also get to visit the Poggenpohl, Blanco & Miele showrooms, which I’m very excited about. And towards the end of the week we will be taking a trip to Brooklyn.

If you want to experience the trip along with us make sure you subscribe, follow and visit all the blogs taking part and don’t forget to follow us all on Twitter so you can keep up with the action as it happens. Also the official Twitter hashtag for the tour is #BlogTourNYC

On behalf of all the bloggers involved I would like to thank Veronika at Modenus for organising BlogTourNYC as well as all the sponsors, without whom the tours would not be possible.

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  • I can’t complain bcseuae just this fall I went/will go to two on my bucket list: Brimfield and High Point at the end of the month. Still I am gunning for a trip to London for design week. It all looks so fab.So happy for your posts.Lynn

  • Hi Stacey,
    Great post! We’re looking forward to meeting you in a couple months, and welcoming you to the Big Apple and the AD Home Design Show. Glad to have you onboard for BlogTour NYC!

    • Me too, can’t wait to discover everything that the show has in store for us bloggers.And NYC too, what an honour. So lucky to be taking part in BlogTourNYC.

    • Massively exciting Gerard! I can’t wait! And I finally get to meet all the great bloggers I’ve got to know on Twitter. Not sure exactly where we will be staying yet but I’ve never been to NYC so it’s all a big adventure!

  • Stacey,

    Thank you for the terrific spotlight on our group. Honored to be included and I can’t wait to meet you in March. This is going to be F U N!!!

    Have a great weekend.

    • Ah, thanks for your comment! I can’t wait to meet you either. So many great bloggers all in one place, what a treat! ANd I’ve never been to NYC so I’m very excited! It;s going to be a blast.

  • This is just SOO exciting Stacey! Can’t imagine how amazing it must feel. N! Y! C! Baby! :D

    Congratulations and so happy for you to receive some recognition for all the work you put into this blog

    • It’s going to be so much fun and I can’t wait to finally meet you Emily!! Modenus has selected such a great group! And NYC!!! Amazing!

      • Stacey, Fantastic post! Can’t wait to meet everyone in person, and just hangout for the week, meeting new people, discovering new products, and working on our businesses. See u soon, and fantastic site you have. I can see why it has gotten so much recognition.

        – David

        • Thanks David! BlogTour is certainly great for introducing us to new blogs. I’ve been reading your blog too and there are some absolutely stunning things on there. So glad I’ve discovered you and can’t wait to meet in NYC!