Exciting Start to 2013: BlogTourCGN

Despite my rather downbeat first post of 2013, there are some rather exciting things that I have to look forward to that I haven’t mentioned to you all yet. So I thought it was about time that I focused on the bright side and all the exciting things that are happening over the next few months.

BlogTour Cologne 2013

Firstly, I am extremely lucky to have been chosen to take part in BlogTour again and this time I’m off to IMM cologne in Germany. You may remember my amazing trip to NYC last March organised by Modenus and if you need reminding you can (re-)read all my posts about BlogTourNYC. It was the most amazing experience and a highlight of my time as a blogger and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to have been chosen again, I never thought that would happen and I feel extremely lucky.

So next Sunday I will be jetting off to Cologne along with my good friend and fellow blogger Katie Treggiden of Confessions of a Design Geek. Once in Cologne we will be meeting up with a group of influential design bloggers, many of whom are being flown in from the US to join the BlogTour experience. I have been following quite a few of the bloggers on twitter for some time now so I am really excited that I will finally get to meet them in person and embark on this exciting opportunity with them.

BlogTourCGN 2013 Bloggers

To find out more about all of these amazing bloggers please head over to Modenus

However, we can’t talk about BlogTour without mentioning the fabulous sponsors that make the whole programme possible by paying for our airfare, hotel, meals and ground transport. All the sponsors recognize the benefits of social media and realize the growing importance of the blogosphere in the design world. Whilst at imm cologne we will get the opportunity to meet with all the sponsors and find out more about their brands, their product ranges, their design processes etc.

BlogTourCGN sponsors

I have never been to imm cologne before so I’m excited to see what the show has in store for us and I’m particularly looking forward to discovering Living Kitchen. To find out what I get up to in Cologne be sure to follow me on Twitter (the official Hashtag is #BlogTourCGN), Instagram, and Facebook as well as popping back here to read my posts. An easy way to keep up with the blog posts from all the BlogTourCGN bloggers is over on Modenus.

We Are Social Blogger Meet-up IMM Cologne

I’m also really looking forward to the We are Social, an International Bloggers Meet up that imm cologne has organised for the opening day. The keynote speech will be given by none other than Holly Becker of Decor8 who will be joined by a panel of top interior, architecture, design and lifestyle bloggers including Frederik Frede (CEO/Founder, Freunde von Freunden, Berlin), Costas Voyatzis (CEO, Yatzer, Athens), Micle Mihai-Cristian (CEO, Freshome, Timişoara), Ferdinando Napoli ( CEO/Co-Founder of Edilportale.com, Archiportale.com, Archiproducts.com and Archilovers.com), Will Taylor (Bright Bazaar, London) and Stefanie Luxat (Ohhh… Mhhh…, Hamburg).

Eigen Huis & Interieur

It sounds like a great trip doesn’t it? Well it doesn’t stop there. Veronkia, Tim and the Modenus team have also organised a mini trip to Amsterdam for us. After imm Cologne we’ll be hopping on the train to Amsterdam for a My City tour which is a walking tour of Amsterdam and has been curated by Eigen Huis & Interieur.

It’s all very exciting and I can’t wait to report back on the trip for you all! I hope you’ll follow along! And whilst we are in the spirit of things what exciting plans do you have for early 2013? Leave a comment so we can all share our good news!

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