Vibrant Contemporary Rugs from Sonya Winner

Sonya Winner Vortex Rug in situ

I honestly have no idea why it has taken me so long to feature Sonya Winner‘s vibrant contemporary rugs on the blog. I first discovered them a few years back and I have been a huge fan ever since. Sonya’s highly original rugs are completely unique and I am yet to spot anything remotely similar. It is her rare talent for colour blending that makes her pieces such stand-out items for interiors. They are often the focal point in a given room and it’s easy to see why. Her design process involves layering colours and textures by hand, and in fact all processes involved in manufacturing the carpet are done manually.

Sonya Winner Portrait

Her fearless designs are immediately recognizable and Sonya’s work is inspired by many artists and designers but particularly Matisse, Henri Moore, Vivianna Torun Bulow-Hube, Karim Rashid, Maija Isola and her Marimekko fabrics, Bridget Reilly, Renzo Piano, Thomas Heatherwick and Ron Arad.

The images you can see in this post are Sonya’s latest designs which were exhibited at Design Junction during London Design Festival 2013.

Sonya Winner After Matisse Rug in situ

Following on from the success of Sonya’s iconic After Matisse rug, the BLUE PURPLE variation explores the multitude of hues possible in purple and blue. With squares ranging from light dusky purple to deep rich maroon, the rug beautifully playfully demonstrates the range of this colour and the subtle effects generated as these colours overlap to create new shades.

Sonya Winner After Matisse rug

Sonya Winner Rug making process

Sonya Winner Galaxy Rug in situ

Galaxy is formed from a complex matrix of orbiting ovals which interlock to create sinuous shapes and an array of warm green, purple and grey hues with highlights of crimson. The sense of movement created by this dynamic display is held together by Sonya’s expert manipulation of colour; each hue carefully selected to compliment the surrounding colours.

Galaxy rug by Sonya Winner Studio

Sonya Winner Rug making process

Dusk Rug by Sonya Winner in situ

Inspired by the soft, muted hues seen in the twilight sky, this graphic design provides a beautifully balanced, calming centerpiece for any room.

Sonya Winner Dusk Rug

Sonya Winner Rug making process

Sonya Winner Vortex Rug in situ

Vortex is created from a cluster of dynamic triangular forms held together by a central nucleus. As the triangles increasingly overlap towards the center of the piece, the shapes fragment to create smaller and smaller secondary triangles. These angular interlocking forms are created from vibrant bursts of warm colour, which transform as they overlap to create new shades.

Sonya Winner Vortex Rug

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