Wood-effect ceramic tiles

Ironwood wood effect ceramic floor tiles by Fondovalle

There was a time when we were forced to choose between wood flooring or ceramic tiles – a difficult choice given the advantages and benefits offered by both.

However, there have been a number of advances in the tile industry over recent years that have ushered in new choices that allow us to combine those benefits in a single product.

Fondovalle's Ironwood ceramic floor tiles mimic natural wood

Tile manufacturer Ceramica Fondovalle has embraced these advancements in their Ironwood tiles, which combine the natural warm look of wood with the durability of ceramic tile.

W-Age wood-effect ceramic floor tiles by Provenza
W-Age wood-effect ceramic floor tiles by Provenza (Image via Trendir)

A company doing the same thing but with a slightly different approach is Provenza, an Italian tile manufacturer. The  W-Age collection features the wood grain in cross-section as beautiful concentric circles. This definitely adds more interest and a certain sense of authenticity in my opinion.

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  • Hi Stacy

    The wood effect tiles you are recommending look great. Do they come in longer widths perhaps 970 mm or longer?

  • Hi there please can you tell me where I can purchase the tiles in the 2nd picture down.. I need 20 square metres kind regards susie

    • Hi Susie, the tiles are by Italian company Fondovalle. I have had a look on their website and the Ironwood tile is not there as far as I can see. It is possible it is no longer available since this blog post is a couple of years old now. You could try contacting Fondovalle directly to enquire about the tile’s availability as without knowing where you are based it’s hard for me to know. You can contact them here http://old.fondovalle.it/en/contatti/ Sorry I can’t be more helpful. x

  • Ι would like to buy some boxes of tiles from you.I want fontovalle ironwood noce (5 boxes), fontovalle ironwood rovere (21 boxes )and fontovalle ironwood elegance 2 boxes).

    Can I have an offer for this please?

    Thank you in advance

    Sofia Koufodimou