Affordable designer furniture

Most people, given the choice, would love to be able to afford to furnish their homes with designer furniture. Unfortunately, however, the price of such highly coveted items can be somewhat prohibitive for many of us.

This is why a group of designers have decided to make a stand by stripping out the middlemen and connecting consumers with the furniture makers directly, thereby cutting the cost  by 50 – 80%. have the ambition to bring original design to the masses by revolutionising the furniture retail market. Based in Notting Hill Gate, London, the six people that make up have the furniture made to order and shipped to the UK.

Customers can also track their order in real-time so they know who has designed their furniture, who is making it, what is happening while it is being made and when it is being shipped. is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for unique and original furniture at prices you can afford.

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