Why and How to Choose a Corner Sofa

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Lazy Time Corner Sofa from Camerich

Lazytime Corner Sofa from Camerich

You may remember the post that I wrote recently about our new sofa. It’s a simple sofa bed that fits our current lifestyle and doesn’t take up too much space. However, we don’t expect this to be our forever sofa. It’s perfect right now with two tiny kids as we rarely get the opportunity to lounge around and relax and the option to transform it into a bed makes it very useful for any guests who want to visit us. But when it comes to thinking about our ultimate forever sofa, I’ve got my heart set on a corner sofa. There is something so luxurious and indulgent about corner sofas and I always find myself swooning over rooms that feature them. So today I wanted to share with you my tips and advice on why you should choose a corner sofa and how you can go about choosing the perfect one for you, your family and your home.

LAZY TIME Corner Sofa from Camerich

Lazytime Corner Sofa from Camerich

Great for relaxing and entertaining

One of the main reasons that corner sofas are so great is the fact that they allow more than one person to properly stretch out and relax so you can enjoy some proper downtime whilst snuggling up with your loved ones, perfect for reading or watching movies. They are basically like having two sofas pushed together so they are also perfect for having your friends around as they can seat more people. They are the ideal furniture for small gatherings and for entertaining as your guests don’t all have to sit in a row. The right angle creates the perfect, inclusive positioning so that people can converse with ease. In most cases, the corner sofas come either left or right handed so they can be customised to perfectly fit the space in your home.

CLOUDS Corner Sofa from Camerich

Clouds Corner Sofa from Camerich

Create a style statement

There are plenty of stylish sofas on the market and a corner sofa can be a real style statement. However, unlike other sofas that may be more style over substance, corner sofas tend to be both practical and comfortable as well as stylish. There is no need too scrimp on comfort just to get the look you want in your livingroom. After all, you want to be able to put your feet up or take a nap on your sofa when the fancy takes you.

FREETOWN Corner Sofa from Camerich

Freetown Corner Sofa from Camerich

Create the illusion of space

Whilst corner sofas tend to be quite large due to their shape, when used correctly they can actually make your room look bigger. As they are often used in the corner of a room (no surprise there!) they can be neatly slotted back against the wall out of the way, freeing up all the space in the middle of the room. However, there is no hard and fast rule that says corner sofas have to be used in the corner of the room. In fact, they can easily be used in the middle of larger rooms to break up the space and create distinctive zones that are often lacking due to modern open-plan living.

Alison corner sofa from Camerich
Measure up

So once you’ve decided a corner sofa is for you, the next step is deciding which specific sofa will meet your needs. The first thing to take into consideration is the space that you have available in your room. It is very important to measure carefully to make sure that the sofa you choose will actually fit where you want to position it. Don’t forget to take any shelves and radiators into consideration. You may need to slightly rearrange things to make it fit.

Once you’re sure the sofa will fit, you need to measure up to make sure you can actually get it into your home. Will it fit through the doorways, down the hallways and around any corners on the way to its final location? There is nothing more disappointing or inconvenient than having a piece of furniture arrive only to find out you can’t get it in the house.

LAZY TIME Corner Sofa from Camerich

Lazytime Corner Sofa from Camerich

Choose your colour & fabric

If there are no problems with access, you can then consider the colour and the fabric that you want. Neutral colours can be a good choice as they are easy to match with the decor and will still look good if you decide to change your decor down the line. They can be accessorised with colourful cushions and textured throws to bring in a bit more drama. However, if you’re really looking to make a daring statement with your sofa you can always opt for a bright and bold colour that will really stand out.

Consider your lifestyle when trying to choose the fabric you want. If you have small children or pets for example, leather may be a good option as it’s hard wearing and easy to wipe clean after any spillages. It also tends to look better as it ages. Velvet is very opulent but may not be suitable for a busy young family for example. So consider your options carefully.

CLOUDS SEAVIEW Corner Sofa from Camerich

Clouds Corner Sofa from Camerich

Buying a new sofa is a big investment so make sure you weigh up all your options carefully before rushing into a purchase. But a corner sofa could be exactly what you’re looking for.


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