How to Transform Your Living Room by Choosing a TV Unit with Storage

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Shelved modular TV Unit with storage in an industrial style living room

Wakendale Modular TV Unit With Shelf Bridge And Low Cupboards with Additional Planter Boxes from Shelved

Ideally, you should love your living room. It should be a calming sanctuary; the place where you relax, entertain, spend time as a family and occasionally fall asleep halfway through that film you’ve been wanting to watch for weeks (it happens to us all). But as one of the most widely used rooms in the home, it can lead to feelings of frustration rather than happiness, especially if you don’t keep all the clutter in check, and that’s the last thing you want to feel when it comes to your home.

TV units quite often get overlooked when it comes to making a home really work the way it should. It’s a hidden gem when it comes to functionality, and there’s a lot more that your TV unit can do for you and your home, both in terms of usage and décor.

The Advantages of Modular Furniture in the Living Room

Commondale Modular TV unit with storage from Shelved

Commondale Modular TV Stand With Low Double Cupboard from Shelved

When it comes to maximising storage in your space, there’s nothing quite like the addition of high-quality modular furniture units to take it to the next level. This unique type of furniture enables you to create an almost bespoke piece that’s built around your specific needs and spatial requirements without the limitations of bespoke built-in furniture.

Opting for modular furniture in the living room allows you to create the ultimate multimedia station that meets your needs. It’s surprising just how much your entire room can change if you choose furniture that works for you, your lifestyle and your home.

With a Shelved modular TV unit, the options are almost endless. Based on the pre-designed configurations alone, you can opt for a smaller unit that incorporates plenty of functional storage space whilst remaining compact and adaptable.

You can also go to the opposite end of the spectrum and incorporate a large, bridged unit with a huge amount of potential storage functionality before you even begin to make any changes to the system.

You’ve also got a few options that fall in between these two sizes, adding more storage space with a larger foundation that you can build on over time without going straight down the fully bridged route.

The Shelved system puts you back in control of your home. Made from rugged steel and boasting almost limitless customisation capabilities, it lets you create the perfect piece of furniture to suit your exact needs and aesthetic tastes.

Because with the Shelved system, you’re not just tied to adding a new cube or putting in a different drawer – you have the freedom to change and adapt your system with a whole host of different modules and parts to craft a distinctive and entirely unique modular furniture configuration for your home. And this is where your TV unit can add extra storage to your living room.

Maximise Storage with a TV Unit

Low TV Unit with three cupboards from Shelved

Low TV Unit with Three Cupboards from Shelved

Keeping on top of the clutter and finding space to store your belongings is an ongoing battle, at least it is in our house, especially since we had kids. (They have so much stuff!). Adding extra furniture isn’t always the best option, especially if you live in a small home. Every additional piece of furniture you add takes up valuable floor space and can end up making your space feel even smaller and more cluttered.

The solution is to make your existing furniture pieces work even harder for you. Then you can create that much needed extra storage without sacrificing looks or large chunks of extra floor space in your living room.

Your TV unit is a great place to start. By choosing a TV unit with storage you can create a space in your living room that not only drastically enhances your storage capabilities, but also provides a distinctive feature that adds life, character, and undeniable contemporary style to one of the most important rooms in your home.

Wakendale Modular TV Unit with storage from Shelved

Wakendale Modular TV Unit With Shelf Bridge And Low Cupboards with Additional Planter Boxes from Shelved

Regardless of your chosen/required size, the way that the Shelved system is designed means that you’ve got ample storage space – the cupboards and cabinets feature adjustable internal shelving as well as cable management ports.

Plus, the minimal nature of the actual framework means that every inch of potential storage space is maximised without having to worry about huge furniture footprints. Shelved TV units, regardless of the size, all boast a compact footprint that prevents your furniture from being intrusive.

Design Your Own Custom TV Unit

The Shelved system is pretty unique, even in the world of modular furniture. It’s a system that takes personalisation to a new height. Before you even get your hands on the system, you’ve got the option to craft an entirely bespoke configuration using the clever proprietary 3D configurator directly on the Shelved website.

This handy tool lets you build an entirely individual configuration from the ground up, or base one on an existing configuration with your own additions and changes. It’s not only the layout of the furniture you can change either. You can also change the framework and panel finishes, as well as add in different modules such as desks, planters, dividers, cubby boxes, cabinets and more.

The configurator is easy to use and entirely visual, and once you’ve created a configuration, you can see how it looks in your home with Shelved’s intelligent augmented reality app. But that’s only the start.

Decorate your TV Unit

Wakendale Modular TV Unit With Shelf Bridge And Low Cupboards with Additional Planter Boxes from Shelved

Once your modular furniture is in your home, the décor and design options are as flexible and adaptable as the furniture itself. It’s another benefit to the minimalistic styling of the system – you can adapt it to fit any interior style you desire.

The shelving can draw attention to specific features such as artwork and ornaments, giving you the perfect platform to display your personality and style.

Why not bring a little bit of nature into your space too? You can either use the shelving and framework with a wide variety of potted plants, or make use of Shelved’s planter modules that feature integrated lining to enable hassle-free planting within the unit itself. Plants are a beautiful addition to any décor and design scheme.

Tackling home storage woes whilst maintaining a beautiful, contemporary appearance isn’t always easy, but a Shelved TV unit with storage makes it effortless. More storage, more organisation, and undeniable style.

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