Introducing the Moda Collection by Cult Furniture

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Cult Furniture Moda Collection

Today I wanted to share with you an exciting new collection of chairs produced by Cult Furniture, a modern and classic furniture design brand. The Moda Collection was designed by Cult Furniture’s in-house design team and is part of the Cult Design brand which is inspired by iconic mid-century designs but with a contemporary twist. 

Cult Furniture Moda Collection

Drawing inspiration from the curved silhouettes and understated textures of mid-century design, the Moda Collection is very much inspired by the iconic Eames design but with a fresh look and an innovative new bracket system.

The collection comes in an extensive colour palette which can be broken down into three complementary colour families. There’s Pop Hot: featuring head-turning bold colours like fresh greens, searing reds, pinks and mauves; Pastel Soft: featuring subtle and fresh tones; and finally, Rich Dark, boasting palate-cleansing white, timeless teal and neutrals like charcoal and grey.

Cult Designs- The Moda Collection

The designers have taken a mix and match approach to the designs allowing you to customise your chair to your exact preferences. There are two types of seat: a classic, bucket-style rounded seat and a slightly higher-backed design. You can also choose from several leg types: chic CD1 stainless steel legs, simple, pyramid-style CD2 wooden legs topped with metal, and finally the iconic, Eiffel Tower-inspired stainless steel and dark oak CD3 legs.

Cult Furniture Moda Collection

What I really like about these new designs is the fact that they have given the chairs a really up-to-date, fresh appeal, especially with the options of copper and gold legs as we all know that mixed metallics is a rather big trend right now. Whilst it is obvious where the inspiration comes from, the designs do offer something different and new. All that remains now is to see if design lovers will fall for these new designs like they did for the originals that inspired them. I really like the copper legs myself and starting at just £75 for a chair these are most definitely affordable. The difficulty will be deciding which colour to have.

Cult Furniture Moda Collection

What do you guys think? Could you be convinced to purchase the Moda Collection? Let me know which combination you’d go for.

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  • Just bought 8 chairs with the CD3 legs (my preferred CD2 was out of stock). I am extremely impressed with the style and quality of the chairs. I got them as a much less expensive alternative to near identical chairs in John Lewis that were more than 4 times the price. The differences are minor but, in terms of substance and feel, there is no obvious difference. There were some very minor issues that I will be raising with Cult – a couple of screws were too long which meant that the domed chrome nuts popped but this is a very minor issue and one that I am sure they will deal with. On that, they were very easy to trade with and comms were good, timely and helpful. Fingers crossed that they will stand the test of time – until whatever the next fashion fad is!.

  • These chairs look great but the legs keep breaking. There is definitely a design fault. Cultfurniture has been good at replacing them but it’s very frustrating!

    • Hi Lynsey, so sorry to hear that you’ve had problems with them. I’ve not actually had the opportunity to test them out myself, I just really like the look of them. Thanks for flagging up the problem though and I hope they manage to resolve it soon.