Mannmade London : New Furniture Brand from Sebastian Mann

[MannMade London] Battersea Collection, all products, from £155

Today guys I wanted to share this wonderful new collection with you that I discovered last week. It is produced by Mannmade London, which is a new contemporary furniture brand from architect and designer Sebastian Mann. Sebastian is the CEO of renowned London interior design agency Minale + Mann and it was his love of architecture and good, timeless design led him to create MannMade London. The new furniture brand aims to produce architecturally-inspired furniture that doesn’t follow a particular fad or fashion. This first collection is called Battersea and is inspired by the architecture that is local to MannMade London’s studio, where all of their furniture is designed and handmade to order. There is a strong emphasis on simple geometric-inspired shapes, clean lines, texture and finishes, all of which come from a uniquely architectural standpoint.

[MannMade London] Battersea collection, Lifestyle, Savona Console Table, light grey


We wanted to create an urban vibe inspired by London, as well as our immediate surroundings such as the Battersea Power Station. The aesthetic drive for all of our furniture is refined industrial.

Sebastian Mann, Mannmade London


[MannMade London] Battersea collection, Austin Coffee Table, dark grey, £395

The Battersea collection is suitable for use throughout the home and comprises 13 different pieces including streamlined shelving units, dressing tables, consoles, mirrors and elegant magazine slings. Each piece takes its name from a street in Battersea.

[MannMade London] Battersea collection, Banbury side table, dark, detail, £225

It comes in two signature palettes: a rich-grained walnut with dark grey; and a softer-toned ash with light grey. The brand is one of the first companies to use the innovative new material Valchromat, a colourful, high-density compressed fibre panel, which Sebastian uses for the grey elements of his designs.

The palette is the starting point for all of our concepts. All pieces incorporate a fusion between steel, dyed Valchromat and solid wood. It is the coming together of these three elements and the detailing that I love most.

Sebastian Mann, Mannmade London

[MannMade London] Battersea collection, Rosenau wardrobe light grey, £1650

As a brand, we are inspired to create cutting-edge designs and push the boundaries on contemporary concepts of furniture aesthetics. As an architect, I am passionate about creating designs that are aesthetically beautiful but functional. Furniture design is no different. The Battersea collection is an expression of architectural composition but also pure, functional design – and real life.

Sebastian Mann, Mannmade London

[MannMade London] Battersea collection, lifestyle, Northcote shelves, light, £785

I’ll leave you some more beautiful images of the Battersea collection. Let me know what you guys think in the comments ,ok?

[MannMade London] Battersea collection, Alexandra shelving unit with mirror, dark, closeup, £1475

[MannMade London] Battersea collection, lifestyle, Rozel dressing table, dark, £885

[MannMade London] Battersea collection, Rozel dressing table, dark, £885

[MannMade London] Battersea collection, lifestyle, Howie bedside table, light, £685

[MannMade London] Battersea collection, Edna mirror, dark, side, £155

[MannMade London] Battersea collection, Savona console table light grey, £715

[MannMade London] Battersea collection, Ursula, light, £1475

[MannMade London] Battersea collection, Magazine Slings, Foxmore £225(L) and Henning £170(R)

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