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Garden Glory - Stylish garden equipment - pink garden hose

The Summer has started off really well for us when it comes to home renovations. When we moved into our flat back in 2013, one of the things that I really disliked was the fact that the exterior (as well as the full interior) was a magnolia/buttermilk shade. And the state of the paint job was pretty dire. We wanted to get the exterior painted but we hit a snag pretty early on.

Garden Glory - Stylish garden equipment - pink garden hose

Two of the four flats in our tiny block are rented out and one of the landlords wasn’t interested in getting his flat repainted. Obviously, this meant that none of us could go ahead as no reputable local painting and decorating company was willing to paint three out of four flats. Well fast-forward six years and he finally agreed that it needed to be done. So our little block of flats has now had a lovely makeover and it looks absolutely beautiful. The magnolia is gone and I couldn’t be happier. And while the scaffolding was up we also had a dodgy section of roof fixed too because it kept leaking.

Garden Glory - Stylish garden equipment - black garden hose, watering can and lions head plant pot

So now that the exterior looks rather marvellous, I am super motivated to keep going with all the other little jobs that have been on the list since we started our garden makeover. A side wall has already been painted and I have two gates that need to be painted. I want to get a faux hanging basket for the front and maybe some faux topiary plants for the bottom of the steps. I need a storage shed to disguise our wheelie bins and we have plans to reshape the front garden very slightly to make it more usable and look tidier.

Garden Glory - Stylish garden equipment - grey garden hose wall-mounted on antlers

And now, thanks to Swedish start-up Garden Glory, I also feel like I need to uplevel some of my garden equipment. Now, I’ve never been a keen gardener. As we all know, I can’t even keep my house plants alive so I have no hope with an actual garden full of plants. Because of this, it never really occurred to me how ugly garden equipment is. It’s one of those things I’ve just accepted as it fulfils a function.

Garden Glory has totally made me reassess this though. Linda Brattlöf founded the company after moving into her very first house on the Swedish west coast. Whilst she fell instantly in love with the charming house, its lovely patio and stunning garden, she took an instant dislike to the ugly green garden hose, orange connector and rusty wall bracket. This prompted her to start a search for something more stylish, but her quest proved rather fruitless.

“I searched everywhere for a finer one,” says Linda, “with a white tube, perhaps, which I thought would match the house perfectly. And everywhere it was the same sad story: green, green, green and orange, and giant ugly wall mounts.”

What Linda really wanted was a white garden hose to match her home, but to her surprise, stylish garden hoses simply didn’t exist. Convinced that there would be demand for stylish garden equipment, Linda embarked on a mission to design luxurious alternative garden appliances. And Garden Glory was born.

Garden Glory - Stylish garden equipment - gold garden hose wall-mounted on gold antlers

The resulting collection of stylish garden equipment is extravagant, whimsical and a little bit magical! It features super stylish garden hoses that resemble designer handbags which are available in gold, white, black, pink, grey, sage and teal. Wall mounts for these hoses are available in a birds claw (gold or silver) or reindeer antlers in a variety of finishes (snakeskin, leopard print, gold, grey, black and white). You can also buy golden hand trowels with coloured handles, geometric, coloured watering cans, plant pots that come in the shape of a lions head or a monkey’s head with a gold tooth and wearing a police officer’s hat. And not forgetting the bird feeder that looks like an enormous diamond ring. Creating an enchanted garden has never been easier.

“Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.”

Linda Brattlöf

“Be bold. Be unique. Try hard, or don’t try at all.
Stand out. Give in. Liberate yourself.
Go smart. Go sophisticated. Go too far.
In every aspect of your life. Be who you are.”

Linda Brattlöf

“Why settle for the ordinary?”

Linda Brattlöf

So what do you guys think? I know it’s slightly bonkers, right? But who doesn’t want stylish garden equipment? Would you be tempted by this outlandish collection?

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