Heating gone soft

Makura by MHS Radiators

Designed by Takahide Sano for Italian company Ad Hoc and distributed in the UK by MHS Radiators, Makura offers a completely new take on the traditional radiator. Combining the durability of hard steel with the soft furnishing of comfy cushions, this new heating concept not only looks good, but also allows for a more personal interaction with heating.

Makura features removable cushions that have interchangeable covers in a number of colours allowing for better customisation. Each cushion is filled with cherry stones that retain and radiate the heat, making them perfect to snuggle up with of a cold evening.

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  • Hi! I found all your posts very very interesting. I’m coming next week to Helsinki and I’m very curious about trends in fireplaces. Do you plan to write something about it? It would be so interesting for me. Actually I would like to know if there are showrooms in Helsinki where to find fireplaces and understand the trend.
    Thanks for all your information!