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Copper Christmas Decorations Decorate a MantlepieceCopper has been a major trend in interiors for some time now and I still love it now as much as I did when I first noticed it. When it initially came onto the scene though there weren’t that many copper products that were available. Sure there were some really great (and really expensive) high-end homewares, but as always it takes quite some time for these trends to filter down to the highstreet and to become available at a price point that us normal folk can afford. Last Christmas, Ruth and I discussed how wonderful it would be to create a copper Christmas theme with our decoartions. Sadly though, after doing some extensive online research, we realised that copper Christmas products were simply not available yet to make this a reality. This is one of the downsides of being such a design geek; you’re acutely aware of trends before they properly take off and this can be a little frustrating. So last year I stuck with my red theme, which seriously did not look good against the backdrop of my moss green walls and I knew that this year I would definitely need to change things up a bit. So I was overjoyed when I was contacted by and asked to take part in their Christmas styling campaign. I was a little apprehensive as you all know that styling is not my forte, but I figured that the only way I’ll ever improve is through practice right? So I embraced the challenge and choose a selection of copper Christmas products that are a much better fit for our home.

Make your home Christmas ready with copper christmas decorations

As I was browsing the Christmas selection I noticed that there was no shortage of beautiful copper Christmas products so I knew that this was the theme that I was going to opt for. Copper is the perfect partner for our home and I was excited about the look that I could achieve with the beautiful decorations that were available. I decided that our mantlepiece was a great place to start and there were some fantastic copper cookie cutter string lights that I have had my eye on for some time already that I knew would look really lovely draped across the surface. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without candles and I spotted a really cool copper star shaped candle holder that would help to add some height to the display. Continuing with the star theme I found a hanging copper LED star fairy light decoration which I thought would make a nice statement on the mantlepiece.

Rustic reusable christmas crackers laid on a mantlepiece with copper decorations

I’ve been a bit obsessed with prints and artwork lately as I’ve been trying to finish the gallery wall in our bedroom which I might share with you once it’s done. So I thought a print would be a nice festive addition to the display and I love the look of copper foil so this is what I was looking for. Luckily I found a company that sells personalised metallic typographic prints where you can add your own text. I really like the idea of getting out your Christmas artwork every year to bring a festive feel to your space. I also found some really luxurious woodland reusable Christmas crackers which I placed on the mantlepiece too. I’ve never been a big fan of Christmas crackers with their cheap and tacky gifts, their rubbish jokes and the flimsy paper hats. However, the idea of having reusable crackers that you can fill yourself with lovingly thought-out gifts and messages for your nearest and dearest really appeals to me. I look forward to filling them with little keepsakes for my girls each year. And the final addition was some festive copper effect snowflake wall stickers which I stuck on the wall above the mantlepiece to add a bit of extra interest to the blank space.

Copper Christmas decorations adorn a mantlepiece

One of the issues we have had since having children is putting the Christmas tree out of the reach of grabby little hands. Last year, I put the tree up on top of a chest of drawers which definitely kept the naughty little hands off it but it wasn’t really a great success. The tree we had is an artificial one that comes in three parts and when placed on the chest of drawers it was just too tall so I had to leave the top section off, which quite frankly looked just awful. This styling challenge provided the perfect opportunity to replace the tree with something a little more unusual and contemporary. I have been admiring these wooden Christmas trees for years now, but I’ve um-ed and ah-ed over them as I couldn’t decide whether they are just too far removed from the traditional idea of a Christmas tree. But I threw caution to the wind and opted to replace our tree with this beautiful oak Christmas tree. My husband is not really convinced and prefers to have an actual tree but I love the look of this tree and think it looks so good adorned with all the copper Christmas decorations.

Alternative Oak Christmas Tree and Personalised Christmas present sack

Now that I have children I really look forward to making Christmas a magical time of year and I think that having personalised objects really helps to add to the special atmosphere. That is why I chose this personalised Christmas sack and personalised Christmas gift box. I think they look great under the tree and will definitely make children feel special on Christmas day.

Personalised Christmas present sack

I chose a variety of copper Christmas decorations for the tree including these lovely Christmas wishes hanging decorations. I love the fact that they look like little test tubes.

Personalised Christmas Wishes Hanging Decorations from

Lights on a Christmas trees are a must obviously and I choose these copper lantern lights as I love the way the bulbs reflect off the little lanterns.Copper Lantern Lights decorate an alternative oak christmas tree

Other decorations I chose for the tree include a set of five hanging copper leaf decorations, a set of two copper feather hanging decorations, some geometric copper Christmas decorations, and finally some copper handpainted Christmas baubles.

Copper Christmas Tree Decorations from

Copper Feather Hanging Decorations from

Copper Handpainted Christmas Baubles from

The last piece I picked for our copper Christmas scheme was this personalised copper Christmas family cushion (it’s a shame about the stray apostrophe though).

Personalised Copper Christmas Family Cushion from

If you want to get the copper Christmas look, below are all the products that I incorporated into my scheme and you can find all the links in the text above. Let me know what you think of my copper Christmas scheme. Christmas decorations

I’ve created a Pinterest board for all of my favourite Christmas products from so if you want to add them to your Christmas wishlist you can repin them directly from my board or create your own. Have fun pinning!

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Disclosure: This post has been written in partnership with who provided the products for us to style. However, all the opinions in this post are our own and we stress that we only collaborate with brands and companies that we genuinely like and believe that our readers will like too.

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